abuse document(s)s trying to be hard, they tried to be leaving me scarred, but the scars are there from previous generations, but it doesn't mean that; moreover, such moronic attacks, such suggestions indicate wildness personified, making no sense, trying to steal sense, but not sensibility, and always, like a commmitted weirdo, to harmfulness, and causing pain, heartache, not heart attack, but that too, and also inducing elegaic poetry, to corrupt words, and steal; such is typical of a racist, and does not indicate my interest in your racism - so, please, i beg, not of you, weirdo, but to stay away, and i mean that, you're getting odd and i don't bother with name-calling healthiness, and, more, i do not create false identities to relax:derange:prey on others, and such predatory tactics are typical of abusers, those who know what abuse is knows that hatred doesn't personify itself, and such cowardice fades, but waning is not waxing, and i will get better without you, against your will, to will myself to God


looking into familial connections never ceased, and evidence is of a familial connection, that will be removed? are you insinuating you have a position of power, and by proxy, utility isn't defined as hatred, and a utilitartian isn't someone who is weird, but someone who hates people, like you - so, when you started your abuse(s)s of people, did they say; did they say, and why am i supposed to be they, because I don't hurt people and never would, and don't like attempts to pervert normality, and this is well-noted in medical literature, not to be fabricated, too, so do not harm, first rule, and secnod rule do not try to doctor documents as a fake so to know who you are, stupid and scary

we'll avoid you, and treat you as who you presented, someone who tried to usurp and terrorize stealing and hurting harming directly, and trying to hate, just for hatred's purpose, just to hate so much, to pervert language, make it your own, and minimize the meaning of language: meaning do not harm; that's what its basic purpose is, as it encompasses all sorts of emotional crafts, like mocking people who mock ditzy sorts, the kind who hate others, mock others, and don't know emotionality, aspds

harassment comes in all kinds, sometimes waited for until the perfect moment, and as such these abuser, like to abuse a lot, hinting that i'm the same, that i'm hateful, and ungrateful for their abuse