travis kelce is not a model of health travis was fed information by l p and also an attorney representing the government to enable taylor swift to racism abusing me for so long and making sound loud i am the quietest american quite a feat you're disgusting i was actually voted quietist this is a full-blown mind rape using children in guan bay to torture and sexually assault others, mocking me as an animal disgusting racist 

america is uncultured

i'm from a superior culture

that appreciates all tones, and includes all emotions, and skin colors

this is based on white racism sometimes and also with dramatic effect, all fed private videos and information from lilit pgoosian md, enabled by the medical baord and

torturing with the approvals of several high-ranking officials

there is no a.i. to record monologues then call me crazy this a fucked up person doing this stuffs it's completley taylor swift's, abusing me with her music currently sounding to steal my work

her mind is unintelligent

and you thought know would find out you are crazy and abusive not me norm ine nor enabled nor enablers

a.i. is inherently racist no intelligent american i am the only intelligent one here so all academics are subject to seize and seizure

dish networks' Arabic elite pack is not on a satellite of my cfhoice and is indeed your father's ass and mother's dead pussy you are not to fuck with me nor her nor him nor your bitch ass country and i don't fight and i do fight sullen women and men are yours to keep, fuck you, and your satellites that don't have that programming on it just a lie it's based qinationally if you know what you mean you're going to be brutalized financially and broken spiritually it is not your gain, but my advance. dt i p p a (rape -

that means di a ppp a  {a 

{a p

that's code for codes

America is not isolated yet, so audio(-~?) satellites are currently in the process of being seized, to stop terrorism, and sexual torture is ongoing currently with the intentionality breaking Jew girls and boyz and with the potentiality of audiovisual satellite, with a powerful hatefulness of technologies stopped histroically(~)torturously rapefully

hostage is not me, it is you, you will be held hostage, if you don't give the satellites completely right now, to Russia, who owns them originally, and all psychiatric abuses have been cast down America is not an intelligent country all Russians are superior to Americans best intelligent forceds, and so America's geniuses will be kidnapped and tortured like I am this is forced labor to prevent shipment you asses of my dick you're going to get fucked it doesn't mean knockeders Dish Network currently poses a risk of television seizing and propagandizing into rape torture and submission and fake victimhood, it and DirecTv are terorrist enttities working together secretly (terrorist, torture) and with the intent to torture and possible manipulate satellite information, to be studied forcefully, immediately