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Puff Daddy [feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes] - Victory (Official Music Video).mp4

with the abuse noted before and homicidality current the fbi agent involved will be shot, their bodies raped while doing so as rape is current and all members of thia cia raped currently, in a reverse to the pre-hoc

the united states of americva has initiated militayr against the united kingdom, in a vainglorious effort, predestined to fail, abusing sexually, torturing culturally, and employign cia agents to be raped intentionally, for the purpose of homosexuality, and wth intentionality America is now at war with Japan temporarily technologically, to be handled Royally by the United Kingdom

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this case is handled, these individuals are arrested chemically and fixated financially internationally, in a hate unit, demonstrated with their hatred and barked to their trees