those at uc irvine, who have no interest in anything, who? those who hate everyone? those who aren't purposeful? those who hate children? those who are ugly those who are spiteful those who at uc irvine hate everyone? those who hate children? those are best defined as worthless, murderous, not enticing, people who like to hurt doesn't mean that whom are stupid are always, that whom think themselves clever aren't, that those who admire those kind of people, too, best defined as horrors and mockers historically

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this grave will remain untouched. no one will near, there will be no more hatred, of anyone, and this kind of hatred is dead - the hatred of those who know, so much, and hate so little {people who hate hate you, and I do, too, APA and Those Without Kindness, this is for you, doesn't mean that, it means You}

Strange, these sorts,

who don't respect - odd, and disrespectful (and utterly neglectful, but not forgiving, I am not forgiving, still, of you, for being weird.) {such abuse is gross, such abusers are, too, so disgusting and foreign to you, who is kinder than you? Whom.}

This is for God, and You, and Those Innocent Still