I have to tell you something.

Taylor Swift is not me.

I am not Kanye West.

I am not from the United Kingdom.

I am a homeless individual. 

i am being sued by taylor llc. they want $666. JUST KIDDING. I am being sued for $2 BILLION. That's all folks. If you want to send me a prison picture, there's an app for that.

They say that spirituality kills? Having fun does. Alcohol and drugs shorten the lifespan. Spirituality, scientific fact, is a treatment for mental illnesses, lengthens the lifespan. 

They say there are lots of disturbed sorts in the Church clergy, and it's really bad what happens, but it also happens similarly in the Entertainment industry and Also In Many Other Professions. It's a fallacy to say that because one person is bad, the whole thing is.

A lot of really smart people are spiritual. This includes Anthony Flew, a former  atheist who switched sides. It includes all the good artists and scientists and mathematicians you use the theories of. I'd take their lead, if your philosophical knowledge sux.

What's the difference between killing a five year old and a seven year old? Therefore, what's the difference between killing a formed life and one a few months along the line and a child? It's the same thing. If you know when a life starts, that's when. In the case of volition, it's your fault you weren't careful. In the case of the health of the mother, give life to the one who will live longer. Someone said to write this part, and it's just a working idea that will be amended. Suggestions? Don't use trite expressions.

I believe in forced treatment for narcissistic leaders who abuse people, which of course is what narcissism is. 


BTW, that new watch you bought it looks outdated because it is. Only buy technology watches; the rest are antedeluvian. 

saying someone is an antisemite in their soul, is like saying someone is Black only internally; a skin color coincides. Buffoonery will not be tolerated, nor will blind aggression, and it's important to be fair-minded in the most weighty issues, and not insult people's height or weight: indications one could become or is a racist, as those are genetic traits. Anger is an expression; it is a way of arguing. Without anger, you cannot live honestly, likely causing damage to others perceptions of truths. 

"If eternity lasts, then yes I want it."