The United States Government, in its infancy and Taylor Swift worship, has tried to kill geniuses from minorities over time, this time its me, an Egyptian-American, who various governmental officials have killed over the years, intentionally, to stop the first Egyptian-American from becoming famous, well-known historically, as the Middle-Easterners' choice for persecution. This is the effort of the sitting President and FBI/CIA leaders, who are unimportant historically, quite stupid, low in number as a whole, just people who are untalented, and none of these folks are historically relevant, ever, but they have a tendency to look for violins (I think i found it at Gavin Newsom's decorated, cough, medical board), lol, fucking dumbass government, but don't scare them, they're so stupid, and this is a page for geniuses, not retarded Americans (sorry J. Jill, current caretaker of incapcaitated, medically enabled Joseph)