don't lie \ \ \ •i found out that u are less than caring, but SCARY (you've proven yourselves not to care to everyone, and able to lie to everyone, Nonchalantly)•/ / /

Not a dr, pi (already disproven. and proven dgaf (rabbit in a hat?) visualized hate crime, illegal recordings, illegal distributions, police rreport, racists, more than egging on, Telling to kill, literally, ignored by abusers, don't cover up, deaths, abuse, Slander, abuse, Gross! From known violent individuals, it's not even Gordon Ramsay shit (it's just you are violent and very very scary, racists, Scary(ies) [abusers make things up, like camaraderie, otherwise wouldn't be done], removed only at END (when could have), you lied, cheated, scared, used verbal trickery, seduced, lied. they've been exposed, and you, too, fickle-sorts, sliding scale (right?), vegas threesomes (so vulgar, drunkards)!

 •Swoosh shipping and receiving? (not a dr, either), signed Mr., not miss x 2•

"This award is for Beyoncé."