This is an attack by -America on Christians, Muslims, Jews, and in unison, to hurt and torture religious, and conducting CIA torture through police and the FBI agents involved. Governmental institutions aren't for that purpose of torture and abuse, and will not be abused because of any past involvement, as it is necessarily forced.

Marilyn Manson has likely forged documents to exonerate courting police officers simultaneously and they their victims, as the Spirituals do not do the revenge at any cost thing and protection in the weakest way possible, just the same as the NFL, the sport dedicated to weakness and brashness, which The Innocent Abhor, and no playing to extend life artificially

It's not about homosexuality because they are brashly stupid, lacking decorum is their intention, as is impropriety, to insist on the bad behaviors they're parents knew, to know how stupid and judicial they are, but it doesn't mean that (their attorneys are them, or held hostage by them?)

people who hate are extremely violent portray themselves to be heroes and are villains, so disgusting and feral to Our Lives, to know themselves as heroes, to confuse and cause pain as such abusers know how, to be and to falsely be subjugate normality and pervert truth as hostile sort always want to tantalize and torture to mock and kill to feel and dissuade and mollify themselves to strike others physically to threaten disgustingly to deceive their natures, as the  and worst humans historically so weird and feral and unkind {not kind, nor someone who should care, as they are obsessed, terrifyingly so, and wished only a dream to not have, as they are dreams deferred until never will ever become necessarily, so it will be? will!} someone who hates does so to feel and to want (so disturbingly, and so to not know who they are as people, instead as animals this is someone not known to be known, so to say this wants to not know and to hurt this disgusting and not truth as truthers know that no one can be scary, as they are scary, and these are scary? but this is freaky friday)

anyway, there are some people who are good and hard-working, others who play to call that work for you as farmers and slaves, not the slavekeepers, with the money to farm you to a slaveboy, to know that if a farmboy meets a slaveboy to make a slavish anger, they'd know that anger: anger is white and hot, but a nigga who is a farmer is not a person who hates the farm to eat its cherries to feel their pits, they're like i'll marry you to smell and if i smell then i'm married laughing at the altar, instead of to

so when you meet and they are discreetly injurious monstrous and dumb, remember two things: i do not eat, and i do not walk - but jesus ate and walked (so when jesus swam to the freedom, i'd say it wasn't completed until he danced)

Boyfriends and Girlfriends they are so sweet want money and milk to drink even to make bile for their boys and girls, to know they are geniuses, but aren't; so to say they are Manfriends and Womanfriends now, -it's MI6 bitch it's MI6's Mina in your asses

they are so racist that i'm not, quite the opposite and loving as fuck to my girls and their beauties (meaning, if i wanted to know yours as a collective ugly, to know that people who are beautiful are an entity too, Godly - so beautiful and so smart, knowing how and to be, even physically alone)

the ku klux klan burn crosses it is a satanist organization in the same degree of the far-right as there is nothing to the right, but illogicality and want to starts always the want to starts so to start in stickshift it means they want to make themselves what they are, to know they aren't, and abuse wantonly to necessitate a physical reply so do you know why that happened sort of stuff and why does your illogicality run afoul of truth, and does your abuse tantamount to theft, because if i thefted you i wouldnt steal your, to know if you are a youre, then youre not a yours, and i'm not yours, so your whose now?

if an Islamic woman is crucified does that mean an Islamic man is to be pulled on a leash by Rihanna, so to say if she wasn't RiRi and he wasn't in Riri's navy, then she wouldn't give his crucifier head, by proxy, and to know that if she is fed up the ass by her own cock of hate, then she won't hate her cock, as she is a cock and a doodle doo, to say she is so nefarious and disgusting a person of interest everywhere internet is everywhere to know what true hard work to 

too know how to hurt is particularly that, just odd, and also an affront to the new and improved united nations, but noticing that union of nationals doesn't quite imply nationalism but an overt crush on those who don't know nationalism's heart, to suggest that people who know love aren't loving, and that those aren't; just to say that you make people objects, not just for that reason of hatred, but to objectify your victims and others' too, to victimize more, as murderers do not improve, the most egregious trait is hatred self-deprecating and does rejoicing in others' love for others and each others successes a good endeavour and does truth entail love or does love entail abuse such that an abuser doesn't want but monstrously takes to feel what they want isn't right but to know love is true and always to complicate those with good intentinos intentionally not by accident of innocent intentionality, to know how awful you are as people, absolutely stupid and feeling for yourselves too much wanting to hurt at any cost suggesting that costing and costs are allowances, just freely given, actually your avarice is stupid and your stupidity isn't rewarded never is your stupidity kind and never is your abuse of others good, meaing Godly, so when you abuse to mock, it's to take, too-foolishly situated too much and too dumb, all forms of abuse and torture, typical and expected of the Godly, to kill devil devil ded and Godly are to Dance without its presence again (also to suggest that people want to confuse intentionally to become others to steal hearts to be strange to belong weirdly to sting to feel anger to want harm abuse half-uninteresting-intersting to complete a fullness does a bit of sugar mean a spoonful or a sporkful, so if a spork is a spoon and fork together and its amde by porky, a cop, does the spork scoop soup, no it's not meant for that its intentionality is different but purpose the same, to know this difference is crucial and also do not allow strangers near do not allow abusers close do not allow people to take and parrot's domestic illegal homes are the same as the squalor of taking by mocking and making mocking to take, rather than knowing the point of truth is it the same as purposeful truth, and does one know how to manuals by force and is forcefulness always necessary and when that's done does wanting make, no of course not and does the forced confession of one make one confessional, and is that word Proper Confessional as those sort of forced confessionals are their tall tales, and spring comes before june and june is a time for people to know how to love and not to abuse but if & when and why those sorts chose their path important, so disgusting and uninteresting swallowing homes wholly to physicalize such an insolent expression of anger as theirs do you take to force and is forced gtaking theirs and others, to say they are worthless is less dignified than saying they are worthless, just people who have nothing but animalistic traits therefore ergo such abusers know how to feel and take but only through such abuse previously so callous and disgusting so argumentative so to force selfishness? if ayn rand wanted to make sylvia plath cry on walt whitman's boyfriends notes, so to feel themselves again you'd know them to be as awful as they are disgusting feral things meant to abuse and torture animals who hate others people who can't bear just because they want to abuse and torture to insinuate, to take, to feel and berate such unscholarly sorts always feel to know to know how to feel and how feelings work really suggesting that they're strasnge angry and want to bes the sort that is a collective, but an important entity, one so insignificant as to abuse historically and to know their abuse to suggest it, also to insinuate laziness in certain sorts, unnaturally and also to abuse if someone is harmful then they are always harmful and those harmful sorts are not deranged, as is now defined as their province of abuse ~ is not { and to say otherwise is to not say what they are foolish sorts who want to take and takers of what's not theirs which is unabashed hatred of others, not birthed but carried on nationally and not internationally nor abusively to know their stupidity firsthand that's one thing and to take their stupidity is another thing these stupid little things, that lily allen told me david harbour hated so much are described as such; not good, always stupd ;)(; and always inane, such inaneness is indeed stupid and small so i'll see you to the mall to buy an eagle from a vendor and hang it on the vendor's hood ornamentations and to know their value through Bart Simpson and to scour the world for your sourness to feel and to know who you aren't to want to take and to make to take and to confuse seemingly and want theirs to feel and really lack relation, as intergenerational theories would suggest historic level of abuse and such levels aren't new but it doesn't mean that -MI6's Mina