I applaud the various organizations who focus not on the racist acts anymore. Every individual who commits one needs to be examined. Every act needs to be studied to prevent in the future. The person negating these acts must not be focused on at these times; doing so allows a focus on the real culprits.

Please note that the individual who constructed the BBC doc isn't affected by antisemitism directly, and identiifes as Muslim Google says. The rate of antisemitism in the Muslim world is almost unthinkable. (The various organizations should add this as a subject!) We shouldn't automatically assume the worst, but a better documentarian had to have been picked. BBC isn't that great; they spotlighted Matt Healy at the peak of Swift's hurtful romance.


Introducing Me V. 6.0

In this new version, we see the following updates:

I don't exist. I'm in the mist. I live in another zone. I'm zoned out, and not attuned to reality. Wrong! Guess again, silly.

Joyner Lucas said that "they try to do me like Marilyn Manson Back me inside of a corner and turn me to someone who shut up and dances." Ye tricked Manson into thinking he was important, but mocked him. DMX did the same, and the comedian Eminem. These are gospel musicians for the most part, the antithesis: he poses a threat, and they are required to counter it, not enjoy derangement without care, nor to destroy baselessly

If Tree Paine, Taylor's (the most adulated figure in history) guiding hand and most trusted heart, worked PR ("marketing and artist development for") for darkness personified in modern history. Then she worked as Hitler's Bodyguard so to speak. A real cause of racism, antisemitism, homophobia, immorality, illegal behaviors, substance abuse, Satanism, destruction of spirituality and faith, sexism, and rape. She protected all that the most closely, with a strangehold grip

Thank you for speaking out loudly against Marilyn Manson in his heyday and now still for his wildly irregular and irrational beliefs. I am going to assume you know about self-strength and resolve

Political justice savant Taylor Swift didn't say a word about the public's efforts in Los Angeles to have her show very delayed. The striking hotel workers, the hardworking politicians; she didn't give a shit apparently. No statements. Just instagram dumps of your self. the same thing over and over it seems, it's like i want to see you over and over. where is the activism everyone's talking bout'....that kobe thing....kobe wasn't that great....he doesn't even say hi to kids....but that's not the issue. he kinda weird when not free

i don't diss the dead, and arts can be confused, but yea, reality sets in and opinions change. and people learn by necessity


and i don know why you takin so many tax dollars taken for a picture that never saw the light of day; it's like that picture was from an angelino, so it meant something personally at the very cause of it all apparently! So yea millions of tax dollars that could have benefitted the public in other ways gooooone (more than $28 million). chick hearn's jello jiggling

if kobe doesn't play as well with shaq, then why shaq always kind & playful - like he scared or something

if a photo is a memory that is everlasting, why have the photos destroyed the spirit of los angeles, as well, while the memory is active in every crevace of this county

A lot will be done about noted antisemite, and cause of antisemitism. Here we see the two cozying up; this is not an incitement to violence, because Elmer never gets Bugs, sorry that you're trying to trap and manipulate thoughts

i read that Taylor donated a significant amount of her income to Stern's family charity........this is a statement of conjecture, and ameliorated hostility in the world thereby. the donation, anonymous, and meant a lot to everyone....btw, people change...change doesnt negate self-and truth, and who knows<nothingness is important

Pernicious influences, all will be derided by the strongest political force in society: AND the anti-defamation league will look into his treatment of the downtrodden, who cannot fight back, who suffer irreparable harm in crying fits for reasons unidentifiable. he treats past guests with grace and panache, quite obviously, and doesn't leave them wanting more and more and more and more, no trickery 

Reminder: that mocking someone's physical appearance is analagous to racism, because these traits have genetic factors.

to protect the Jewish culture, you will leave those who ruin its sacredness. Who mock its very essence, like said individual, and others who never carry the weight of Holocaust, nor are spiritual enough to even remotely resemble Matisyahu, who converted, yes, and who isn't praised enough in various circles

Thank you for discussing this openly Taylor, though it's important to note that bereaved individuals suffered a lot during COVID because of your apathy. When someone lost their life, you put out another top hit, hurting the soul of that lost individual and their survivors

It's important to note that backwards individuals get aggressive and don't allow freedom of speech (and trust individual autonomy and intelligence...people are not stupid, don't say so please)

When someone has a position of authority, these things need to be brought to the forefront. Why and what? Who and where? And ultimately how did your ability to help others grow so dramatically, and you've taken a role of mothering everyone, such that no one has to be worried about what they do in a crystalline fashion. If someone steals hopes and dreams, if someone doesn't offer them, if someone shuts off a voice, these are concerning

you are so eloquent that you can talk out your problems. you won't seek the limelight, but handle others peacefully, and not make someone inimical. You will help them understand you, and you them, in a peaceful, nonviolent way, without the use of any hypnotic attorney who can hide truths economically or through the use of powerful supporters. It is not bold to seek vengeance; it is a sign of moral culpability and vanity and anger and malice and stupidity. As the most developed artist alive, you will free people from jail, like 42 Dugg, and other victims of criminal injustice and use your efforts to understand what it's really like to despair

If money is important to you, as hard-earned and definitely equal to your efforts to help others get money, then please explain R13, Unplugged cardigan, and Kurt Cobain, thanks

Please show us all of your lawsuits and settlements on your page, so people know how to properly fight legally against every form of injustice, and how to do so honestly and without anyone being hurt and peace being sought. Wonder about hope? Wonder about dreams and spiritual contemplation, or what? Is there meaning behind the persona, or have you no persona? There is no persona, so you are who you say you are, and that causes

If someone sues you for claims of infringement, you will hand them your thoughts in a peaceful manner, and not publicly disfigure their hopes and ambitions, which are bold. You applaud boldness, right? You applaud creativity, and you say so