disgusting slut kill yourself is what you want me to say all day to get in trouble with your mom

so before your stupid ass tries it fuck off disgusting

enjoy your ham, spiralled bitch i'll break your heart, disheveled boy,

enjoying your new toy, it looks good there, now give it away; to a fake charity, like you've done stupids,

i don't need no empathy, ain't no one celebrating my day, because niggas like me care, stop shooting at my chest lazy schoolshooter, go play with your braindead babies look funny af (not like that)

disgusting you are lady

need a guy help who named switch lady

your mother likes men like her

you dirty man go back to your owner, so you can learn that this isn't a game, i hate you

disgusting, abusive, corrosive, so stupid go run aaround in circles with your mom, srtupid parents stupid kids you know what they say

grandpa cool, ain't that grand, is what he actually says, grandma say blowjobs were fun last night

do you know how to read you disturbed thing

you're fucking crazy and abusive

you did your nails, at the beauty salon, okay sweetie now bite them cuz scared pussies like your son needs to go running, with his auntie, who loves to kiss her babies booboos

fucking rapists, back off, disgusting, thieves, little jack antonoff disgusting fucking crazy slut anyway

staff, taylor swift makes incels and femcels happy for a reason: she is The Femcel,

like the punitive cops, stupid as a two-year-old,

give me your money bitchy

as you open your presents this year, with your nice outfit, gun-too close to your family, which was raised just as you, remember:

you are disgusting

you are a monster

you are a satanist

you ruin lives

 you smell like shit most of the time

you look like a tomboy from 360 Pictures,

catch my drift

You are gonna be giving me your toy, your new shoe, cologne, clog your bathrooms with smelly shit, you lazy ass motherfuckers, all the same, conducted money games, perverts, think this is a game, nah, only real ones, very few,

unlike your boy there, disgusting sits and enjoys my money,

give me money, give it to me, you stupid kid

it's mine

that little toy, wow, he doesn't love you, someone told it to buy it, stupid kid,

are you red in the face or something, give it back, which way does this go

stupid girl, you lack emotions, go frolick, with your disturbed parents

living off my energy, then live off your fumes, disturbing, lurid, creepy parent you have there, partner stupid,

enjoy your feast, nice sweater, complementing you