Everything is just a guess, so be very careful, class! If you think I'm bad, tell on me.

If Kanye was Antisemitic in more than mere outward appearance, if he left the safety of his hardened respect for diversity based on his own personal experiences, it surely would be a tragedy; because when one experiences profound racism, only then can he combat it. "We're at war with racism," he yells on one of his biggest songs, "Jesus Walks," the most popular song that proclaims Christ's name in history I think. In war, some battles are lost, but the end result will be victory for West (and equity!). 

If Antisemitism is calmed during the rise of White Nationalism, it is probably true that universal racism will be quelled. 

Songs like Blkkk Skkkn Head and New Slaves were released almost just before this war. These served as precusors to gain ammunition for the war. The Holocaust was confirmed in Watch the Throne's "Who Gon' Stop Me."

Mental illness does not cause such aberrant thinking. Please don't discriminate, and ultimate caution is urged in times of war, especially for the soldier. 

Kanye ran for president. So did Trump. The difference between the two is that the then-billionaire West has shown himself capable of incredible feats of art and fashion. He is responsible for the seismic shifts in fashion! He is indeed the most artistic popular musician today.

He was maligned for two incidents. The stage-rushing, which he was doing to showcase a typical behavior of one with mental illness. But this was at the MTV Music Awards, which is a funny show, right? It is not to be taken so seriously. As a feminist, he wanted to hand the award to Beyonce, who wasn't as famous as she is now. 

When he made the Famous music video, he didn't intend to malign anyone in the art piece. No one. But he was made to seem as a monster; it was even referred to as "revenge porn," by someone who he doesn't touch and is treated just the same as Bill Cosby, George W. Bush, and his then-joke friend Donald J. Trump (don't vote for him; he's a criminal). 

"To all my South Side n****s"

He is not a misogynist, again. He was raised too well by Donda West. In the dedication to his closest friends, he uses free speech to make a joke. The term "bi***" is not used pejoratively; in fact, it is used affectionately. It is almost exclusively a term used in Black music nowadays. So let's exercise care in judgement, of course. (It should be noted that "SUMMON THOSE DEMONS BI***" is used during a Witchcraft enactment on a major star's recent tour, and men in the audience use that language (not that it particularly matters).

It is important to be kind to him. It is important to express emotions, that he does. But so does Robert Irvine; what's the difference here? Sometimes you have to express yourself to be heard and appreciated. He is one of the few men, the very few Black men, to open up about mental health. He is recently bereaved: his mother, an English Professor, (whose adoration was expressed in a book about raising her son), his best friend, Virgil. His father is a Black Panther. He, too, suffers from cancer. So let's try being patient! Thanks very much.

If so many geniuses believed in God, you should follow their lead. We have faith and belief in a divine being, and the possibility of multiple afterlives - some better than others. This depends on the quantity and quality of your earthly moral choices, which everyone is equipped to make.

No need to rehash, but I might, but the colors are terrific and the style is pure. If life lives, then there are always opportunities, too; belief is so essential. Atheism dies, just like Nietzsche in an asylum. We respect Carl Ludwig Nietzsche, not his son's glaring writing, which is not accompanied by any work of any significance. I am speaking of Isaac Newton, who defined gravity, and Michelangelo, who painted the Sistine Chapel; these are great doers, not just people who talk shit. Can you do that? 

Christians are among many persecuted minorities. Antithetical imagery, akin to images of Hitler, accelerate persecution.

We believe everything has a cause, so long as reason allows; such that, the initial cause of life, however seemingly scientific, had an impetus that follows our natural sense of reason. Something can't be born from nothing; this is what human reason suggests. If something caused a Big Bang, we are forced to wonder its nature eternally.

We also allow Kanye's belief : "He's alive because I say he is," and applaud William James, "The Varieties of Religious Experience."

We are wary of those who blindly follow dogma, because they often are using it as a guise, and such institutions are manmade. But each allows individual exploration, and allows life and everlasting life.

This is individual conjecture, personally formed.

You're living for your death. What happens on your next birthday isn't as significant as what happens on your deathbed. You are given the opportunity to make choices that can either benefit or destroy.

I believe in being healthy, to serve God. Because only when one is healthy, can he prolong his service. That being said, playing God can be problematic, artificially extending life and not allowing for nature to perfect. That being said, religiosity enhances mental health, which you can find data on in the scientific journal of your picking.

Pascal, smart guy, has a wager.

I wrote this in the past few moments, and ended writing it at 8:19 PST.

Good art takes time. Time is not just a clock's hands movements. It is the emotionality. People who are always peppy don't have compassion. Those who experience emotional depths are given special access to certain thoughts, and are able to create profound artworks and, more importantly, to be good people. Without the full spectrum of emotions, by feeling free and jumping up and. down, you cannot create anything of signficance nor improve your life in any particular way and the lives of others! This is well-known, and has been studied.

No alcohol will be consumed. It is a means of escapism, ruining the natural movement of moods. It means you are scared and weak, and can't confront life in its fullness. It clouds clarity in any amount; I only allow complete abstinence. The natural cycle of moods, and enduring pain and every natural joy. The soul is to be cherished.

No tolerance for hatred based on physical traits. If one is short or tall or fat or skinny, these traits all have genetic components. Insulting someone on these bases is akin to racism.

Those who have the socially destructive personality disorders, NPD, ASPD, male BPD, these individuals will need forced treatment. Those with NPD will necessarily hurt others without treatment, and the condition is chronic. Saying hope isn't real is like saying it's a plaything, which is totally unacceptable, obviously.

Kanye West is not a narcissist. Dressing well is for others. He has healthy, rational self-belief, not wanton destructiveness based on wild ideas about his abilities, which is necessarily destructive. Living for hope is different than living for lack of trust.

Person-worship, overly identifying with a living or deceased human being is wrong, and should be a reason to reignite God-worship, which is miserably dwindling - against logic's law

I would be really sad if Tupac re-recorded All Eyez On Me, or if Kanye West re-recorded The College Dropout (+Bonus Track Dance with Me). If Michael Jackson re-recorded Dangerous, I'd probably flip, because that meant something to me originally; no one wants to rehash old ideas. If Kanye West's outbursts irk you, learn from them how to behave 

You are following a leader. If your leader stops, you'll be imperiled. Think independently! Avoid the person who forces you to do things: the inculcator. You can say that Ye had a lot of influence on others, but there were 0 (ZERO) fans of Ye who became Antisemitic. Delicately Fought! Ye encourages self-belief, and thinking for oneself. Good war general! A bad war general in this scenario would see blind obedience, full-blown parroting, to an artificial parent (some would say "mom"). Kanye encourages individual thinking. One popular cultural figure is the opposite of Ye: no sign of spirituality, a lot of hedonism, blind self-propgataion, and a theme of revenge: very scary stuff. If Ye is a bad person, then he is a good person; it makes no sense what society thinks! This polar opposite cultural figurehead demeaned Ye, but he was seen as a villain; anyone know why? It's because he is easily targeted. No one was instructed to do anything this whole war. The opposition seized on your stupidity to claim that the fighter had an agenda, but it was never shown. Don't be stupid!

Kanye West is not to be mocked for his weight, his unique face. He almost died because of a car collision, while the said contradictory person didn't experience such an appreciation for life!

If you can recall, she hates you. She mocked your appearance. She took advantage of your kindness, and made you do things for her while she never showed. And to the more attuned, she impelled insanity. They lost their minds looking for promised insight into her character. They lost her mind, too, it seems.

Why? If someone doesn't know, then no one can help. Just offering my few pence. If this is unnecessary, then don't view. If someone doesn't want to help matters in the world at large, leave immediately!