they repeat k sounds to attack on a racist basis, utilizing all their abusers, such disgsuting feral things

using bibby as baby to sexually abuse jews

forcing ok to say "k"

which is code for kanye too

disgusting animals, racists sluts niggers touchers rapists they don't know how to fight like the girl drake is like his mom and idgaf nigga it's dark here nigga

rape disgusting angry rape lots of rape disgusting rape untalented uninteresting rapist bad writers bad presidence taken to insinuate i deserve fbi home visit so gross-income obsessed trying to cut my tongue and hospitalize to secret cia black sight for themselves to destroy and attack and belitte racially torture and dangerously hurt ::pushes opticals back:: disgusting not a side show disgusting horrible raised like shit like their parents fake and disgusting i wish nothing but to stay away from your abuser, who is a cancer himself a cancer in him self, and who makes no sense to me, who cackles continuously who scares a lot and violently tortured tonight, to feel good and stop harshness of sound for some reason and isn't talented but untalented blame-shifting and intimidating

"K" stars and bucks is an arab place, yes but i'm not there, defined less grossly than ever mocking to rape is gross

Your stupid president your stupid president before that your stupid president george hw bush ain't know what i know your stupid president ron reagan ain't know what i know, i'm the shit, i work for mi6, the best i don't rape i don't injure i'm MI6's Mina

ronald wanna bitch, someone who mocks a makes a mes for you i didn't

so ron let me name y ou ron

ron reagan forgetful tho

the best you never had, so fuck you pussies fuck you the worst educated ignorant aggressive white trash leaders, each president mentioned terrorist

tried to arrest the best you lost it over mi6's mina