make thing up

dr kay redfield jamison

please call immediately

she is of Johns Hopkins, and can speak on Ty Dolla Sign profoundly, and i didn't do anything nor say anything, "see something say something" isn't ocularity, that kind of thing

character references to Alanis and Souleye, who know me personally, as well as Maggie Rogers and Alana, this sounds extreme, because it is

this is an ongoing hate crime, of unparalleled, and such desperation, and you have their contact(s), and you have mine, and never told me anything, never e-mailed, trying to make me look stupid

tricksters abound, and people paid off, and i am not a liar, and they are, and i have nothing to hide, am not maladjusted, obviously cannot and not an extremist of peace, and tricks are not to be played, so outtrick, and know, know who you are and can be

when nietzsche said he was dynamite, it didn't mean that!

nor did Napoleon, who was above France's average male height, then

what is true, perception or reality, or both? This isn't odd, schizoid meandering, nor emotional paucity, it's a legitimate pov

I did not send e-mails at 6 in the morning today, i was fast asleep, as you can tell by my online activity

they are making up things, and any Kanye West reference is obviously related to Daryl Davis, and Ron Stallworth, two social justice winners (it's a profound argument) who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan.

it is obviously the aforementioned group, as nothing was done, but projected, to an extremity (not physical)

In relation to bipolar illness, I am currently interested in the dichotomous spiritual self-presentation that it, in its lighter variants, allows, such was my study with Annie Lennox, and Mike Skinner, of the Streets, to explore a possible therapeutic approach, and the concurrent effects of seizures, possibly misdiagnosed as epilepsy (and effects of anti-seizure medications on mood, possibly harming him and his message - of not actualizing atheistic approaches, as was explored in "Everything is Borrowed"), but nothing extreme here, no mad scientist, and nothing about exacting revenge (Taylor's actualizations have been historically terrifying, and have historical impact on profound movers and shakers like Martin Luther King Jr.'s works)

just dot this down; Peace!

jack antonoff, in reckless self-promotion and in partnership with the person mentioned before who has strange abnormal commitments, may be doing so to detract responsibility for hate crimes against Black culture, and promote an album without taking responsibility, and a commitment to hate

sounds extreme to you, does to me too

there is a reason no kanye west fan became antisemitic, and it's his bold integration into the movement, which is hard to spot, because it is so hard to do

now making weird donation to incriminate with help FBI, just a terrorist, completely avoiding responsibility and not investigating her murders of other kittens, so others can be murdered

Kanye's release date was long ago, and was simply pushed back, and too relates to Taylor Swift's two racist acts involving Donda West (the Covid-19 album release date, and Reputation, manipulative and strange)

so what do you think of Kanye's fan(s) initial reaction, in light of his racist abuse, and mental health abuse

i would like to report them to FBI, and not a false report, but the FBI is currently kind of disarrayed, but i'll stay kind

and thanks for releasing on Kanye West's album party release date, Taylor Alison Swift & Friend(s), knowingly (knowing the effect of word/action/on other, ya sure did know)