Glendale Resident Brian "Marilyn Manson" Warner has never been placed in a county jail!

Why are they not jailed, but Dr. Cornel West is for a demonstration of faith.

And Taylor Swift, the worst person, who espouses revenge and does not forgive, and THE white nationalist (using Nazi trolls, unseen contemporarily), idolized.

Godly Confidence, not arrogance and self-destruction, "There’s a sense in which his (Kanye West's) artistry is much more profound than his rhetoric.” Dr. Cornel West, Donald Trump's competitor, Hunter Biden's competitor. Whom? For whom will you vote Fashionista Ivanka Trump, former and possibly future First Daughter? Joe Biden III, whose record-low approval ratings, or the pee shower guy (Stormy is not a liar, she's a pornstar), Donald Trump (the others are negligible like Professor Ronald DeSanctis (who donated to the fund of the other guy in the subway thing), and others should vote for Dr. Cornel West if they mean what they say (he's not aggressive, don't be Scared), or Formerly Almost Recalled State Governor Gavin Newsom, who wants the Nazi leader in the arts, Taylor Swift to be a political figure ("push the button"). Who has tax trouble and trouble with women, someone who wants to be unbanned from Holy Communion