if hate loves, then i donate hate to bloods and crips to save their lives and the victims' so that becomes a way to express again, so that limiitations to Godliness are removed eternally and past and future

i request that my orders are completed, involving CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks, The American Psychological Association (Freuds abroad), Enablers of Marilyn MansonThe California Medical and Veterinary Boards (are run by the government), Capital One, University of California, UPS, USA-Nordstrom (fashion's big for me), USPS, the list goes on

i want them all mine such abusers

animal abusers, the race track killing animals torturing animals for medical experiments, right vet board employee of the year (where do these boards operate, enabling such torture) and for the animal drugs

beware: my e-mail doesn't receive anything or some things, such confusion abuse is enabled by prisons/jails and mental hospitals i also have ownership of, and ultimately the drug companies there

internet phones are not to be abused by at&t and similar companies, t-mobile (not mobil gastations) 5g internet is fine no boxes and wiring needed at&t home internet

you don't need /mo +taxes Spectrumscam and why isn't Lakers Sportsnet on only DirectTv, very abuser of children (formerly too) Dale from Nexium/FBI/Nike is that you White Viper RAID

do you need a satellite dish, or is that a lie, financial abusers...

siriusxm didn't do it, it was the work of howard stern disgusting, but xm radio i miss that

all of these companies worked together to kill and enjoy the torture with rich women and children enabled

do you see a capital one around there's a weird cafe at the americana that's pervy

as the record indicates

we are going to need to see the autopsies of the 9/11 hijackers

as this was entirely fabricated

and ai stuff has been around for a while, in cheaper forms

but those men were fabricated, the same way

if they weren't, they wouldn't, such that meaning is contractual, and coontractions are verbal expressions of attempts to complete, so why did they not attempt to complete sexually those days; it's meaningfulm such that those who have sex cannot be virgins, and virgins do not have access to leave the home even

the clandestine central intelligence agency name the employees it may be real but its very existence is not American ideologically: talked about before in part 1