The media isn't run by intelligent people, and most of them are soulless anyway, many of them people who haven't studied much, but just were gossipmongers growing up

She had water bottles at that show, she didn't want them thrown on stage, because she was never hurt by a thrown Eras bracelet, she just can't tolerate "the disrespect."  She promised protection through security in words, written on Twitter to entire fan base 

She doesn't show anorexia, which is a clinical condition, is a female abuser, as there are many, is in fact "fatphobic," having been realized to cause body dysmorphia, and is a racist (there are victims besides Kanye West, who wrote about this)

Some writers are  skilled at deceit, others are underperforming online for a reason; the media is not one person, one  outlet has different employees, and some people try to do opposite tricks, and some are manipulative Satanists

Taylor Swift knows Tree Paine who knows Marilyn Manson who knows Johnny Depp who utilized my past (as a survivor of a hidden hate crime) and a fighter against racism (which is spreading like wildfire, with the President adulated for saying "Muslims are evil, and should be banned,") and to try to be Satanic (like Joe Biden, someone who is actually devoid of morals, and got banned from many churches. unprecedentedly.). 

Marilyn Manson wrote Evan's FBI letters. Johnny Depp loves Marilyn Manson? No, they don't love anyone, and Taylor Swift actualizes revenge; and she abuses others everyday, as a diagnosed narcissist (Experts in this area, who don't analyze one song, but her in totality, agree.)  Springboards, and allowers, of Horrors, they aren't performative, but they are deceptive; and (abuse documented)

Douglas Baldridge was contacted me just before this happened, as I tried to reason with him about his client's racism, abuses, and plagiarism of mine; one even mocking Muslims "as grim reapers" (see the Burqa article), and it's just a thought, something that deserves consideration, not saying he's insane for laughing

Proof of Taylor's lack of morality is her suing her own guitar teacher and denying his existence. She pursues lack of morality throughout the rest of her real life, not a skilled businesswoman, her fabrication of a butt-grab (that is the pictorial evidence)

Lol, i can't be and wasn't "kicked" out of anywhere, but they did indeed block my account, without saying anything, just to delete, "pressed a button" Swiftie

Popular perception at the time at least ((((relying on Amnesty's words, and classifications of racism) Irvine 11 didn't do anything but were attacked, in an attempted Spiritual coup, and the individual at the tailend of the Irvine 11's sit-in appears to have been hired beforehands to destroy, and they were criminally prosecuted successfully; the campus allowed and protected Milo, a White Nationalist, who espouses misogyny, with campus police protection, just after 

The figureheads of White Nationalism aren't Tom MacDonald only, as an ostensible leader, but Taylor Swift, Matty Healy, Jack Antonoff, Phoebe Bridgers : who are avowed Satanists (this isn't a joke; nor hidden or clued in lyrics; they've said so not in spur-of-the-moment concerts, but interviews, and it's obvious that Johnny Depp is, too; as such, they are intent on obscuring morals 

A doctor I don't know that well, who is spineless, is an abuser, who was contacted, and maybe paid off to abuse and basically mock; using tricks, and isn't someone I know or is moderately interesting to me in the field, and that's why I know her (to discuss the female experience of victimization as scary), is enabled by the government, who could have stopped her from crazy lies, and general psychosis; she needs treatment, still, but NPD-focused therapies rarely are completed succesfully, and in their current state, led by truly narcissistic men sometimes and some women, it's bound to failure

They are selective with their victims, people who are shut up and don't speak up

I am not them; not a Satanist; don't lie witth Fake FBI agents, like you did before, to commit me to a mental hospital (which should be banned to you and fellows, because you are an abuser, and scary, and are still walking around, and need to worse-tortured because you and Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift are all the same, not victims, not to propagated by Jack Antonoff.)

A lot of people wearing masks; you can be born albino, it's who you are, and who and what you stand for, some people with histories of Satanism (racism like Taylor Swift's white nationalism family. She has been accused of Nazism many times, stabbing one writer about in the throat, and probably killing many off, using Marilyn Manson's trickbook.)

Kanye West isn't antisemitic at all, was pushed into a corner, to be a Black Klansman, someone who is against those values, and none of his fans became that way; they used him as a lynching tool, as Taylor Swift works hard to exact revenge, not just lyrically, that's reflective her racism; she is a Satanist, against his Spiritual values, who pays people off (destroyed her guitar teacher financially, as well, not every fan site.)  She was rebuked by the ACLU, and she didn't respond; as such, she is a destroyer (who hires people to make people sick, opposite of what she does to people who criticize her. She is untalented, and manipulative.)

They aren't mentally ill as you'd think it's ingrained in their minds, but they made the conscious, knowing decision (fake victims), to not just be evil in some ways (or make you look evil in some ways), but they are openly that way: all the vices combined, just blurring you to their abuses

These are people with no morals (Now I pray to Jesus to stop you), 

There are more abuse victims, some dead, hidden, and that appears to be who I'm working for like a slave, like Kanye (you are fake victims, not Amber Heard, but laughers and revelers, pseudo-friends) and that's because we're Spiritually Strong (and persecuted), and aren't money-hungry, but give up everything because Manson-like persecutions, similar to people who disavow Corrnel West (intelligent or not, everyone) don't subscribe to Satanism

Fake religious people go do you pray after you kill?

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President Barack Obama's Family History and Social Changes, not upheavels