FBI employs psychiatrists who work there all the time at the APA they are their psychiatrists and are all torturers so the APA Torture Program is a real program that exists, with many going to detention sites, other than their offices, so when you hear of a suicide or a commitment know it could be a guise for transfer to a torture program where they will be injured and abused sexually and moronically by an APA official of choice, usually the person doing the torturing, so when they do so, they get really excited it's so strange it's really weird what's going on and they say oh that's the time it's time okay let's go and let's make it quick and it seems that certain psychiatrists are those doing it and continuing it to harm deliberately for fun as part of reward program, one that means you will get there once you abuse enough and thoroughly enough and with the permission of the government, of course, to have sex forcibly and mock psychiatrically, so when she says it's okay i'll handle it she means something else and he says that's fine just take care of it they mean something else as the APA initiated the CIA Torture Program and also did so for fun, based on experiences of torture in the past, usually having a  position of power to cause trauma and inflict damage for fun and for abuse standards to be changed, as the APA abuses for fun. This is revolutionary talk, that will change the world of mine only, not yours, you don't understand you are not victims, this is real victims, the chosen few, very few, of the APA Torture Program within the United States of America and also for a few others, outside, where the torture program continues still with agents working there instead to protect their interests and also to harm deliberately for fun and for reasons related to money and feeling happy so if she goes she's going somewhere to continue torture there, under the guise of kindness and forgiveness, to torture with the person involved to cause damage physically for fun and money, as well, utilizing drugs to sell money and hope, using his abuse standards to change them for the Church worldwide, so James Soliman is a traitor and a disturbed person who has me would say thank you for very much sir you are kind to thee as they change roles for fun and for changing others into them, as false gods, and demagogues, worldwide. My name is Mina Sagious, put some respect on my name, and don't use me; I'm a United States representative and one who has changed the world right now. My e-mail address is mina@angels.monster, and my agent is MI6 sis.gov.uk and MI5 MI5.gov.uk and I represent royal.uk and in an official capacity a lot of other girls that you might meet someday; you can see some of my work, but this a gallery, where you can't steal, even the idea of a gallery (cough) and if you want more there is a way to find them legally and correctly and spiritually so no United States of America lauses and aous and aos's were broken, and this took a long time, so respect my effort and my financiers.

FBI informant, al-Magrebi sent multiple messages to the agency warning of future attacks. 

The United States government is run by the APA and they don't care, so I have to expose details here, they are very important to world history and current situations in the world, this organization sponsors every psychiatrist in America and are trying to affectr other countries, who are fighting back and are mad as hell, because the APA is a violent, satanist institution

As such, I fought this war a long time ago to end it, and it's over, they won't be again, your kids are safe now, thank me later.

The FBI has under 40,000 employees all of whom work for torture programs and uses masks all the time, so this is a masked attack to rape and torture me, that failed, miserably, as I have protection, that is professional and elite, that fought this war and guided me to the proper expression and protected me along the way, and allowed me to protect myself, and provided legal and physical protection the entire time, without anyone knowing! I'm so happy :)

War action will be taken against all the mentioned in this article, and it will be done for every current domestic violence victim and others who have been hurt vicariously, this will be a vicious torture, as children are at the helm of it to protect other children, and God's Innocence, this is the largest attack in world history against any group, all individuals named and unmamed will be brutalized

This involves high-levels academics at Harvard University, and is not related to the Middle East for its past actions, but its current activity in Israel, with war tortures activated against the United Kingdom.





APA is engaging in a rape war against