this ain't about abortion

but i'll abort you if you try - to fuck around because i ain't around no more

it's ghostly what you're doing, some of y'all writing ghosts in to kill kids well it's kid time then

what you say about her hair i'll make you a female skinhead the first ever

what you say about hairy guys i'll make you grow hair and "i like your beard" dr. luke is a marilyn manson

starbucks kills people who talk about their health murder, not just addiction to caffeine, better suited for once-in-a-while enjoyment but purposefully killing off health treatments like yerba mate and certain drinks that can be curative to bipolar suicide, and encourage homicide with weird caffeineated tricks

aldi ain't it, it's just the worst market and don't represent the international community i'll just put it out there

and also it's from Germany, so it's not IKEA, which is so fun but was also a victim of racial brutality (horse meatballs)

i want to tell you i handle my own

so when you fuck around with a non-existent noise complaint, actually coming to the fucking door i'll turn that soundproof ductaping always targeting Black artists out loud, jihad music is your Satanic loud abuse the worst thing i've ever can't heard

loud parties huh who were you were you informed irvine pd noise complaint i never got notified about, because it was so noisy to you, but you never talked to me people running up and down the stairs (and you informed who the next day hours after)  i was alone listening to late registration (you're so scary)

this kanye album ain't yours, that's not how this works, Black Sabbath distinugish between System of a Down and the devil noise - it's horrible

watch out for companies that enslave lower levels the same way

rob garcia from en noir worked good fashion with curtains where the good fashion guy go