why does it go on, but i want it to stop, i ned some snare in my headphones, but it's cacaphonic, so much cacaphony, it's really annoying, like i'm being enslaved or tortured or some shit, kinda am, cuz i wanna work against my will, say what, i ain't self-destructive, and honesty is a virtue? yea, i'm honest, g, put the 20s on 6, get it, actually split 10s, ends for my bitches, frizzy? oh shit, when they say it's cold outside, don't frizz up your hair, it don't mean that, ladies, it mean your boy gon be gentle not gentleman, fuck them, not fuck them up, they really nice people, actually, they seem sunny, but it's stormy in their heads, nah travis, it's cloudy, murky, like v, man, she screws every nigga up, like those niggas on the block, corners for the crew, it's kinda scary actually, like she'll be iller, get it like kinda white eminem, but worse. it ain't my fault, nigga, please, they using that nigga, as safety bait, get it, nigga gotta run, same shit

and that nigga, the one y'all half-crushin on, cool it, he scary, though, like a real dababy, incarnated, that's why he got fucked up a long time ago, and that don't mean that shit, it mean one of them niggas pull the soft, y'all who know know, if you don't understand this order, then you are ordered to disorder

we the real ones, who we, only me, cause they putting now, get it, they putting. now. everywhere, that means they shooters, but they shooting, films, not scary shit, like that nigga still

damn, y'all fell off

kanye, what happened nigga, seriously nigga, block niggas they fuck you up on the technology you supposed to familiarize yourself with this shit, when you say mobb deep, they say mob shit, like sap mob got screwed a lil by taylor too, that's what i'm getting at, this b got whitehot, solo term, if someone fucks you up you gotta tell the nigga in charge, you say God black nigga, you can't say that yet, nigga please, why ain't you playin pretend they playing dice or something