Kanye Has No Fans Now. He is not a demagogue, then.

Your leader has every fan. They tell Kanye to hurt himself, which won't happen; he is loved, unlike her.

We do not split opinions of others. Ours is a solid friendship. Thank you. Who split your opinions on Kanye? Why'd everyone change?

God Bless Those Who Love, Always. Stay away from those who aren't proudly Godly. Who leave room for doubt, and sow seeds of division.

We are a peaceful, pacifistic group; we do not seek revenge. We are quiet, not boisterous or conspicious. 

No Kanye fans became Antisemites. Many other fan groups became Racists, Misogynists, and Caused Mental Health Damage.

Do you know English? We write and think better.

You look like you're angry, and you like Zinc tablets. No thanks.

I'm a comedian, who helps and ameliorates society. You? Do you just act garish or are you garishness personified. 

You are stupid, and don't act politely because you don't have any idea what the word propriety is

You are strange, and like to bother to get everything out of your soul just for a cheap laugh. You live underyourself and don't understand complex arguments, which is sad.

Individuals who bother others are always there, but your reponse to them is what matters; don't let bad people win by saying they are good.