we do try to change the world but it's not a 1-2 thing. it takes caution

y'all weird.

don't respect other people. get angry. and throw things.

it's been so many years, hate chapters are made everyday. racism ain't get cured over night. please don't instigate hate crimes, and do care about your impact on others.

take responsibility for your own actions

racism is stupid. makes no sense. it's a guise for devilish thinking, but we love God; we fight back. God's soldiers.

if there's an article about you that you don't like, why may I ask do you try to shut it off? ACLU thing. remember that? you need to dismantle, not encourage; which is what the attempt was. if you cared, you would argue that suffering racially makes people want to learn more about societal constructs that possibly hinder our growth

an emotional genius would have the perspicacity to know when something hurts someone. in fact, she would devise a quick means to find the hurt and treat it

they try to make us insane. they try to play hero. they try to fake save lives. they're frauds. they aggressively pursue the wrong paths, to listen to the rehashed, high-pitched crap that keeps sounding like there's an answer, when there is just a question

if you need to know more about criminality, let a lawyer know. don't threaten people. we ain't threaten no one. we want peace and love. we always trying to get love. you dont love enough, then. it's something that has to be changed, and we see through smoke and mirrors. too easy. way too easy

btw, why is that leader still allowing bullying and not taking a stand against it in a clear way. let's see a tv special? those words about that one guy she titled a song after presumably (never know?) instigated more hatred, and was a quick phrase in an intro at a crowded show...not really heroic.

how emotionally fragile?

are you hardened? are you a woman?

stand up for yourselves, strangers and children

we are free to express ourselves

there is freedom

we love that which God bestows upon us


being able to do something doesn't make it right somehow? you have to prove your actions are correct, and definitely not project the idea that i'm playing God. i'm not playing god btw, because that would mean i wanted to mislead you. nothing illogical here

people say kanye controls women into wearing different clothes. like they don't have autonomy. that is a misogynistic sentiment, on that can harm them. I am going to need you to stop doing that.

abuse by others is not to be taken lightly. if someone abuses someone, you have to take the accusations as seriously you would if it affected you personally. i certainly not into self-inflicted pain, as evinced by my love for life.

in history there are always big battles. against big people. armies aren't dismantled overnight sorry, and it took a long time even until now for some tyrants to be revealed to their audiences; there are still branch davidians, for instance, a lot of people who subscribe to hitler's bs. for more information on media control, let ruprt "hello deli" murdrch know. he is in control of it. not that many smart intellectuals in the media, although because of the scarcity of diverse thought, it's almost, and sometimes actually is, hypnotic. most are unable to recover

so be comfortable in your opinion.

are you being tricked into disbelieving what you originally knew true, what gave you intellectual confidence?

We're at a state where the perception is almost completely lopsided and not representative of truth, there's blind adulation, flattery that won't stop, and we're seeing the opposite with our leader who dgaf. wait, he's not our leader. he's our frien. he like freedom of speech and he can take a joke.

do you genuinely laugh at jokes about yourself? 

do you see the best in people?

do you forgive and forget? keep ya head up, loving lady. 

dont steal my ideas. im not cool with that. i'm not self-destructive. ain't no hero martyr complex. im doing this to ameliorate. if you want to save the world, what's wrong with seeking sainthood. just don't kys in the process