was it to say,

you hated me,

today, to hate you,

well you did, enough to hate others & as such has hated so profoundly,

devastatingly, to harm deliberately to enable abuse as the chief abuser in the world as the worst person in history hired directly

 by paper that means nothing to harm deliberately to cause illness in children to kill to have fun afterwards to laugh and also to other-become, not self-become, as a terrorist of the world, to enable further abuse, to strike children, to lie about who he is, taylor swift and travis kelce, the takers of innocents who don't know who they are, well, the and those know who you are to have seen who could have been as the worst humans in history terrorizing children scaring them into compliance and wanting to have fun at the expense of others and also deliberately so harmful to derange and maniac those who do not be, so as to say you are kind to me it's so different and also to know why you are so different and what you want to protect the worst humans in history, to become otherworldly and to destroy, for your earth of trash you're going to hell of course and of course it will include your families who you two have chosen to replace the proper spiritual forces in the world, the female and male who are, and not to have become, and with false leaders, of course, and their stupidity, howevermore your hatred is not condoned nor allowed and is extremely violent and scary to me and you, not he and she, who are you to know how to hurt so viciously how you are not to become who you aren't to harm others is not the same as you who were however you are not to be were and so I've said why and how come and for how long and for what reason and for whom and for why and for taking and for not giving and for lying and for abusing and for taking and for not knowing and for the purposes you had originally to become what you weren't, and to know why you weren't, because of your faithlessness and also because who you aren't you aren't them, you aren't your victims, you aren't their faiths in who they are and who they want to be so they so i can be your friend is everything ok today well i wanted to see something happen i wanted i don't know happiness today and you got nothing so i waited until i sang and sung my song and it didn't sound right it doesn't sound right something is up something is going on i hadn't wanted to say what you were and we had but no option but to show who you are isn't whom you'll be and stay say, you've constantly changed and altered and become others, well it's not your victimohood you are going to hell of course hopefully expediting the process but to now end to have no sympathy for others to harm deliberately to enjoy their victimhood and also for the sake of psychosis and maddening you are maddening then you'd say you aren't them to be had well theyd say you are not to be had what you are and as said before you are not to be other-known as self-knowledgeable (MI6's) to know why you are so selfish why are you so scary and what you're currently doing torturing having fun with it and as to know why you are torturing the United Kingdom and MI6/MI5 well you are enjoying it as monsters incorporated officially known the monsters who've the hatred of others disgustingly pervertedly and for the sake of themselves for who they wanted to be to become who they aren't and to torture by fakeness and so they'd say it was kind today to have known why you did so was not naughty enough for you, not enough tea tonight to stay up all night here and sleep there in the other bed, it was fun, enjoyable, and ultimately terrorists i can't put with you but the interplay here means you are still active there and need to be stopped because your influence there is known to be deathly and also dangerous all of it to be what you have done raped the culture and annoyed everyone, to become singers and dancers to enjoy and only temporality and make it a show please let's see why you've done so, and so your hatred your monster tendencies have roots in what you could have had, it was said i said to be sad, well i said. it's your fault, it is your really your fault, and i don't harm others so to say i wasn't harmed but my was, and it's not yours, it's just not yours you disgusting robot to have injuries is your thing and your dance of hatred that went around the world is shown right now you are scary and impolite you are not my friend never will be to see your hatred of others so bloody and racist so scary and also to know why you are; it's because you are enabled to abuse and psychiatrically torture would say i can't help you today but I did before to know why you're doing so because you're low and angry scary and obsessed dangerous and representative of everything and everyone you couldn't have been, to take posture and show you aren't to have had to know you aren't worth the time to say;

you are the worst human in history, the worst,

so why was it so and tell me how

i lied

it's ok

it's alright, it's ok

everything ok

it's your thing to become bodies and minds, not spirits

you are gross, animals, you stay away from me, and also i thank you for knowing your hatred because it is not worth it and also because you are not worth it i half my body to know why you did so and how come because you aren't your body anymore you are your soul and when you said it's okay theyll deal with it it's your thing and always so disturbingly with your anger and malice to harm and subjugate and rape actively the uk, well i've said what isaid, you aren't a victim, a suspect, to hatred, and knowingly to know why you've done to harm to kill and harmfully destroy bodies of Christ, well I said this hatred is known to be what it isn't, a love of yourself, and not a destruction, so when and how those things, those are yours, and when you said i'm something special i really am well i don't think so I know you aren't I know you're unkind and also extremely dark, wanting to have had to know why didn't and for your reason; to become what you aren't, and you did where and why and who, sad kinds always do so, saying, they've said it already it's their cowardice and stupidity they are not good people it's a group known to stay away from me and also those, it's not yours to be had, to know what you aren't disgusting and not me, a rapist of the world at large who i told to stop but you know that kind of thing it's not really that interesting nor is it that funny to know why you aren't so unkind it's because you lack patience and emotionality, because of and with your hatred and this wanting to be hateful to be spiteful and to egregiously offend you'd say hey it's ok let's do it it's gonna be fun well if it makes me and you happier then fun for everyone, well, let him cry let them die and let them weep your tears of sadness as to be what you could have been so strange, and also the most disgusting thugs alive are harmful necessarily and i don't participate we don't and won't know your hatred of others is not your souls is not who you are as those who know why they do so is to harm and harass and become who they aren't disgusting animals who aren't worthy of my time to say i am the voice of the world and to harm others deliberately as you stand and wait and do nothing because of your hatred to know why you did so to have fun and to destroy mock and have fun well you are to say what you said is not yours and enjoy it for yours as to harm with theirs, not ours, you rapists are not mine to know what you aren't is yourselves, gone and gone, disgusting and worthless, trash not to be recycled, so as you say in the other form of your hatred is why you are so hateful to know you asre nothing, worthless cowards, who want to be who you aren't and to do it always for fun and attention, going to nowhere to become who you aren't who to be had and to enjoy it and to knowingly enjoy it for fun and fro yourselves, to be destroyed so much is scintillating to you, what's stirring, your hatred and would it be to say i am a person worthy, it's not yours to be had, and hadn't i been so kind, unkind to you you wouldn't have known me, to have said you're awfulish is to know end, and to say to have and to want your strangeness and also to know why you've done so to harm and obsess, and harp over your hatred to say I'm the one to know you aren't the person who's worthy to know, yet you've said it's time to know your hatred and it's there, disturbingly for fun and to say it was fun today it was a really good time, and as those times go, it was something fun, not quite worthwhile, to be had, is your hatred hadn't, it had not, it had not been, it was and wasn't, to know why you so hated and for fun your disgusting one is to say it wasn't to have haven't, yet you've always said the most disgusting people alive are deadened inside, so you went and cheered and willfully destroyed would it be said if i hadn't would've been unknown then what of the times you've spent harming and deliberately so for fun and energy to know why you haven't always been so a scary was it to have fun and you said it wasn't to have fun, then wit was yours to have said such was hatred enough of to not want to have harmed so much and so many to have known it, your hatred, isn't your kindness, that your hatred on the line well it's your life take it on the guillitone you're stupid bodies, decomposed and, wellness, would say you aren't kind enough today, tomorrow, nor yesterday as the time slowly says i am not your toy to be played with nor posessed to have temporarily even, and, no, not today but always so deliberately to harm and to do so not for God, against, and was so you should have been gone but you enjoyed it you thug a person you were to be destroyed as animal yet you lived for yourself and wantonly so harmed the deliberations for your earthly delbierations and you enjoyed it so cowarldy to have fun and always so to become what you aren't people who aren't men, but animals to me, who will always stay as such who wanted more than could have had so to known your hatred was not mine to know you would never become your hatred your stupidity and your monstrosity who sits there who goes there to want to have had enjoyment and not anything else and you stood there waited and destroyed with you as i said you are not humans enough to have had understood and won't be understood so i stand i said i wanted you to know your stupidity isn't mine to be understood that way and as i said so as i told you that then you went and you said it's fine don't worry about it it's another day well the days passed and i said what I said to you you are nothing animals who are fed who shouldn't have been and those who sang their songs of hatred then it became what you wanted you thug are not worthy of my time and then you said I am who you said i am a person who hated to never know well you've said enough to me and you've always said so it was fun it's a nice time to go and as you said you just stood there it was fun it was so fun as you destroyed and violently torture it's not yours you can't have it no you must go away i casted you and yours and enabled to hell and you stayed for yours, too, have known nothing of yours, to have become and that's why you've tortured so much and so many to have wanted and you said i had to i needed to i wanted to im a good person and you didn't say what you should have you could have done more and you didn't so you're prayed and it's nothing to you prayers, you'd think, let them die and also to have to know why did so, for fun and nothing more you weren't, were you to stay and alive? no, you weren't, known to self-torture your fake art, and then you said it was fun, well, it's fun to me to say you shouldn't have, it's too kind of you, and you said it's too kind of them and theirs-similars so many times you'd say i'm the one lift me up and pray and become them, falsely "prayer-s," to have known it was so fun to have had and wantod, to have seen your ownership is false "o" so false was your ownership and wantonly you've hated so many to hear your much to hear you're worth, the hatred you wished would become and yours not to know, so you said it was time to go then you'd stay it wasn't worth it and you'd pray how dare you not prayers not join with thus to know "pray+'prayer-s'" it's something that works, it's victims' blood (the holy body is what, excuse me, say that again clearly if you say that again i can help you know why you aren't so, and that's all-related to stuffs, like corporeally)