Moving on and forward

"please forgive the abuse on both side(s)s it doesn't matter, and you're not an "it" to mendacious sorts, you are an an illness, a person to be removed, something, not someone, so disgusting and you won't be so cowardly, as cowards are things, and that thing you think is cowardly isn't"

you want me to go back home? sure, devil, i'm going to heaven, stop burning it's annoying

personal fuck you to George Bush and his dirty family and Nigger Haley too disgusting

"political dissident" julian assange who you'll glaadly (along with trans marriage, like evanka always wants, certainly) free after terrorist(s) singular because encapsulating doesn't mean pillkill someone forcibly terrorist(s)s if you want political dissidence, you need FBI

trying to get away with it by a fake bipolar spokesman, who hates joo? wtf, y'all racist af

he has a beard, kesha doesn't like beards don't speak for her, wanna-bes fake bearded dragons

nigger haley is abusive (as I said, banning Islam isn't it, and I banned you from looking at this, weirdo(s)s who think you're a victim of racism, but not me?) Fuck off now and always

anyway, back to India, where you learn not to hate, like Gandhi didn't hate even the word hate, but came up with a choice word: hater, not like mad hater, a crazy person who covers her face, but a liar, like you, who claimed to be Indian, but doesn't know the nature of misogyny, racism, and why the fuck is Eric Garcetti Indian tomorrow?

i've never. mindy kaling never had sex with a gus, disgusting bitch she did not Lev, I promise

sing along, stupid (STI's aren't Stu Lantz's, because of Magic?) First Black, First Female President of Congo?

so you're MLK JR, then you're the most hateful person alive, bc he ded, and you're deadend? like a dead-end, which means traffic is a clothing store, i'm sure, somewhere and not of new clothes, but of Trump ties made in China, where you corrupted, too, robot girl with rotating robot serial killer

HAIM time doesn't mean thee are kind to stranger(s)s, the previously defined, terrorist, who hates wantonly, not of precision of language, but absolute kind of hatred, not even Kelvin, not even self-loathing