Everyone doesn't have an opinion; there are facts, they just have to be driven home (these are new, original, fancy, and that's why things seem the same as before)

america is a baby country, born in 1776. that is way young, we're basically young children now; and there is so much time and room for change, it just happens overnight sometimes (in the 1960s there was overt racism, then it was illegal, and some people get away with it. that's how young it is.) 

Have you ever been in a fight with someone you previously befriended, or a current friend? 

It's a bit sad, isn't it.

It's tragic, as you expel emotions, hoping for someone to heal, to get better, but you both end up lost, the friendship, too.

So, is this because of something else, someone, a person without propriety, someone so lurid that you lose who you are, and your original friendship.

This is precisely what happened with Kanye West.

Everyone turned on him for no reason, because of a racist, Taylor Swift; saying she is a racist isn't preposterous nor a stretch, as she clearly is; the famous music video is not revenge pornography! What a scary argument. And she says so persuassively, so successfully, pitting you against someone who you loved and grew up on,

and it continues; factions are turning against each other,

racism is brewing, and white nationalism grew and grows through the influence of this piece of work.

(do know who you are. hold true to your convictions. i get frustrated, too, because i can't say what i feel sometimes (archaic laws, bullshit perpretrated by old people, from a different era, from actual historical figures, it makes no sense, and people should express themselves without fear; it is socially warranted, and don't scare people, because no one wants to go the slammer (i hear it's scary, on scared straight), and please tell me why all the rapists are still out there, while people are incarcerated for petty theft and smoking weed, which they do much more of?

It is not right. Remember, no one is immune to...(Men and women, alike, are susceptible, please do better, be stronger, and fight back, but don't break the law doing so, because then you won't be able to do either of those things; be strong, though, and cautious, and careful, and you won't fear anything, you'll be truly fearless, with God.

But time doesn't erase prejudices and Satan is hard to kill without angelic sorts; i would say it is crucial to keep things in perspectives, and real geniuses, revolutionaries, are rare and unpopular for a reason; no one gets them, and people think they're weird, when, in fact, history proves them right; and no you're not a genius, you just think so, you're crazy, you're just a baby

No one should be enslaved to another, to idolize anyone; being someone else, that's not the right objective; it's opposite; it's to be self-developed and self-expressive; if you are not, you will not learn, you'll be hurt, and you won't achieve life's objective.

you don't realize you've idolized her. just like in every sacred scripture, this is the antithesis; the person who hates everything and everyone, and pretends to be great, but actually is someone seeking praise and almost complete adulation. it's wrong and selfish of her to make you want her to sing and dance, while people who aren't the same are defamed by her; you or yours have have made her an idol