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your hatred, your racism, your stupidity as the trump family, melania is not nancy ajram, she is a murderer, a racist a fake victim a plastic doll family

::disclaimer: abuse of best artist alive, by fbi-cia-similars::

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in a fantasy world, described vividly and honestly and correctly, 9/11 didn't happen


stop manipulating racially torturous

to incrininate a persia

i like koobideh

anyway, egypt too

i like nile river cruises and so ya so

so do say it did happen, because you don't


sexual rapes and who stands hero which name

but he doesn't look like mlk i'd say more malcolm in the middle meaning smart intelligent to some book smart to other(s)s (computer),

the fbi-cia-similars brought everyone to rape and laugh and didn't get away with it no matter how hard rape(s)s, how pitiable these decrepit taker raping me for my genius

at ucirvine all teachers there who taught me or so to speak are torturing and are losing credentials as the students etc described ad nauseum this is rape victim of university of california