I don't hate you Swifties, I laugh and pity them

look at your lifeless asses; you scared ass people 

ooohhh...it's a wolf i'm scared

lol sheepass motherfuckers, scared to fuck with a system, you clown ass bitches who don't know how to read or write in the nfl hahahahah people who play catch for a living hahahaha

i'm hard, fuck you. but i won't fuck you or your troll friendship circle, motherfucker

i'm a man, sue me, dance with me, fuck with me

i ain't a sheep. i'm a wolf

take this website down, ye. yeezy cosign.


flowers on your grave, bitch.

taylor swift made herself the literal Devil, the most evil person in the world, and people deify her, she works hard to do this.

her troll farm isnt just hers, it works to kill on behalf of governments, using her, as a Devil,

but I dont really care about your weak, broke asses

4:30 AM PST Hawaii