i'm not crazy. not enjoying this writing. they could stop so much pain. they prolong it to make look violent, this could be stopped. they refuse to. it's disgusting, ugly, gross, so Demeaning, and it happens, i wasn't supposed to find out, they were supposed to fuck me up by Lying to a priest i don't know

The Uc Irvine 11 is bullshit, racist, and that's why the Not-Muslim Obama is there. he even sent his kids to a private university after going, meaning he didn't give a shit about the state of higher educartion in the states

shiva lied just to a priest, abusing me with drugs, through a violent lady, she lied to the united states of america, the people. so did everyone involved at the fbi, making us suffer, without me even knowing who that gunman (taunter) is

taylor swift kills. she just does. in regards to minority members who are not the same, like me, and Ye to a lesser extent, they torture, people who not know too much that's cliched but who know how Help

Important Names I have:

Lilit Pogosian, MD

And Shiva Thagdis (sp?), That's all.

Only the first answers. The second doesn't know who I am? Or does she? Or doesn't? Or is? Or isn't? This person is SCARY UGLY VIOLENT filthy, so SCARY, so VIOLATING (horrifying

Taylor Swift abuses me in particular to be a genius, she is obviously unintelligent and obviously calculating and dangerous, she is an abuser and she needs to be in jail, because of me she is a liar an abuser and a sick PERVERT she needs treatment for pedophilia and she is a Con-artist 

Andy Soliman, UC Irvine Anteater Alumnus, like Summa Shiva, liar-without-comedy is one of the LAPD's lead attorneys, still! That's telling! 

I will protect God. the families involved shouldn't be here, but they aren't ! so they lead on and deceive, to obfuscate and torture (to kill, not cure, they are evil, people who Hate)

Arrest every domestic terrorist, each person who promotes Kanye-bashing and Swift-promotion; they are dichotomous entities

Godliness prevails! when someone sexually assaults and rapes, they are so Crass

Byron Crawford and Taylor Swift offered Secret Service Protection, while Secret Service visits Kanye West to ensure BLKKK SKKKNHEAD is scary enough to them, as it is clearly a move to suppress his voice(s). The same is happening to both of us. The bad people are getting away with things, and we have to work hard not to be demonized, and We Won't Become Money-Hungry, Sex-Crazed, SCARED -'|Revenge-Hungry! Narcissist. Let's wait and wait and wait till Taylor Swift and Byron Crawford get arrested, and Kanye and I are not slaves, enslaved to Cure evils, but to stay Godly.

Real men don't complain; they stomach it and force work. You guys are criminals, abusers, narcisissts, pansies, violence, uneloquent, blame-shifteR, disgusting!

lilit pogosian md can be reached for emergencies, at emergency hours, 


is available to discuss sexual abuse, touching, verbal taunts, rapes, sexual taunts, abuses, narcissistic n-word taunting sounds, Poor-threats, Disgusting-abuse, Narcissism-fake-lectures, Abusers, Scary Thouht-Inducer! Fake liar, wating and waiting and waiting, it's fbi torture, by Chris Wray, a war criminal, with the help of anthony frisbee, who arrested the 11 protestors, and Edgar Dormitrio, a racist pig who kills people, who hates others, and who represents the Devil

Precdential President Barack Obama has acknowledged that some terrorism detainees were tortured while being questioned by the CIA.

According to a document filed with the state of Washington in 2008, the seven owners of Mitchell, Jessen & Associates were James Mitchell, John Bruce Jessen, David Ayers, Randall Spivey, James Sporleder, Joseph Matarazzo, and Roger Aldrich.

Three of them — Spivey, Sporleder, and Aldrich — are still working together at a company called the Center For Personal Protection & Safety, which counts both the Department of Defense and the FBI among its clients.

Are you a Kanye fan? Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Swiftie?

You are not brave. You are not strong.

You are afraid. You are weak.

You are not Americans. You are terrorists!

I am not afraid, I don't use my fists, I use my words like a a man, without cuffs. Fuck you for subjugating faith! You are going to HELL (and it will worsen.. .

God-forbidden Racists! Not fascists, racists/Satanist(s)

Byron Crawford threatened. Taylor Swift is a White Nationalist.

No punsihment? Kanye West, the nicest, most passionate, forgiving, artist right now, and me were abused by them; to abuse people like us. Taylor Swift has no backbone: no emotional depth, is extremely weak. We are the opposite, especially me, I am incredibly sedulous and Hard; I am also shown to be innovative. I like do everything, not like I want to, because i forced to, for Swift, the world's collective Devil