{By being here, you are absorbing ideas. Don't entertain them in your heads if you are to steal from them.}




If you want to sell my fingers on EBay Auction site, then do so. But realize that I don't own the site, and that auctioning one's fingers is illegal. If you do something illegal, then you lose your income. Losing your income is a form of death: a real one. So smile, and be grateful, because you never know. Thank you, to all who are kind, not those who destroy.

Being sneaky is a problem. Abusing power is a form of torture. You torture others to be problematic. People who torture others do so to feel high. These people are all over the place. They lack talent, so they seek to get high off others' successes.

People who steal ideas go to bad places. I say the truth. I never lie. Do you? Feel free to sue yourself with your lack of self-reflection.

Media is controlled by journalists. Journalists are the not the smartest nor most moral. There are not that many. This shapes opinions. The consensus from the media is probably not often correct. To come to the right conclusion, you need the reasoning of the smarter students; the less intelligent students cannot spontaneously come up with the right answers. Very few sources, from not the intellectual elite = propagandistic media. 

These are just conjectures, thoughts, running word experiments. I encourage diversity of thinking. Respond to arguments, not people. No ad hominems.