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when someone rapes and takes art that is historically valuable, like stealing and raping violently vincent van gogh, and spitting on Virginia Woolf's writing, you are to be sued as a country and destroyed artistically, with no valuable work, you are going to hell on earth which is yours still and you need to kill yourselves this is not condoned you are a traitor to emotions which you will not have by rape your uc irvine your shiva taghdis you're going to be stopped by rape, it is not possible to continue raping someone who doesn't want to be raped your school is a rape campus classified as cia dark site and countrily i tell you are a cursed country with no meaning to me and family the stalking of people is not condoned nor allowed to rape in programs for your sins to become it does not work like that and I hope to KNOW YOU ARE NOT TO HAVE YOUR STUPIDITY

Swift and Kelce, you are not Mina Sargious, your legacies are over, with each and every artist being raped, and your world is now not over EWTN it is alive with the hatred of mine expressed emotionally and without theirs, their family names raped historically disproprotionately in a way that works to kill stupidity this goes furthuer James Soliman your family name is over with Seraop and also all individuals are involved are now being raped in the name of my suffering and ours for God for Taylor Swift for the world to come this will start now you will be tortured and abdicated from power and tortured for your whores fhe church is now my whore to the Church of Rome I hate you Coptic Church the council will not be formed and it is cursed to your stupidity your greed of DeSantis of Newsom the world's worst people and historically disproprtionate will be taken including and not limited with your hatred of childhood it is not yours to have children they will be not yours and your stupiditiy is always there to see

Thank you ! You have been so nice to me you meant the worlds that never could have become of yours and to know why ours is ours to know why we haven’t been the reaosn for them is yours to have known why you have. A person whom has your hatred is that artist to not know and why you have yours to know jubilation is yours to have had and with your apt have known you are to become the one to have been and with your felon to become yours he palace of the pursuance of yours is the monstrosity not you ur apt have had yours and with yours to not become is it saying that your purpose is not to be had your hatred to become your intelligence is the unpolished hatred of hers is now ours to become with ours to stay forever and you are the one to not know the hatred of theirs is now the hatred worldwide and always an artless hatred to never become as sarcastic the monster would not have had an artist whom wouldn’t have been their oligarchic tired fantasy of painless antiquated harms without house to not have homeless homes without answering the answers doorbells of theirs

Some hatred is torture of my family directly my mother and father ship is not the person of hatred still Taylor Swift in an effort to of torture with psychiatry replaced by my mother by force and a forced training feeling and desiring for justice that never became only inducing psychosis here to enable and torture my mother with Abu Gharib torture tactics and also choosing directly her to do so because laying on a floor crying is her child not me the worst doctor is not mine and won’t become mine through constant fake feeling of torture against my father and meaningfully darkening my perspectives for and agaisnt simultaneously to have sex with her child and child and have. A family for them both transgendered child, and wanting this transgendered child to marry that transgendered adult her husband and also her authorities becoming her sex partners and the torture has no end seemingly for the United states of America so the proper solution isn’t the anger of mine whoever angry I become for an antecedent to become necessarily choosing legal clauses because the university had to do the painful job of writing me away and her to become a fraudulent case of an angered child and angry mother to make others sick and hate forver the nature of life with those involved at the university to make and to charge the painful hatred of theirs an angry fantasy of legality of her transgendered children to make feelings a faint hatred of themselves of racism and torture was torture mechanisms and the wanton hatred of the hatred which harbored her soul to make a freak to know whom aren’t the feelings they could have had the mournings of her are the anger of her center and the one training making h e feeling hers and hers to not know why they aren’t to become striaght again and the feeling of hatred to become what can’t become a monstrosity of life a telling failure of hatred a world without not within

I am sorry Gwen however it does seem the worse has happened and my friend Chris was attacked with an armed police officer and with a person whom you've met doing the torturing after with an individual and group of singers known as mmj doing the torturing at a distance with a person there literally taking and going with

There are people who've been through it like max Weinbach and Paul Fuentebella might help

 People whom aren’t your family is not necessarily the way you say it because those in your family are not part of you; you say who with a p at the end because whop is the way to say the person is the reason not the cause and the proper expression is whop you are to see and you cannot have a letter ending in m because if you do the word is not allowing the entrance of another letter only the exit is not allowed I’m being raped

As I was raped I recalled the proper verbal expression of hatred is too much you haven’t ended and I will not stand for racism and your apathy is disturbing

Palms does not mean giving alms

sad days it seems like torture and it is as those view counts have qualities rhat dont make sense and indeed are erased after viewing it makes sense that they manipulate view counts and not for any reason, so emotions are evoked and brains injured with the person at the compnay deciding what and who counts with certain ips blocked from views just the counts are known to some

john legend number one video and didnt i just tell you line and anger michelle knight phone call help i just got fucked twice a night by the kid screaming god to by kanye west's new?

pay phones are not precalent anymore than cell phines are now obsolte to have a phone number that was? howeve, the phone at the house?

ive been kidnapped

Did anyone get in contact with you It seems as if someone has aid me into a place of nowhere’s meaning this person is hiding my name somewhere else, and the search for me and the person is actually male schizoid a presentation of apa and torture programs attuned to makin and choosing the strange behaviors to have a feeling become of that choice is not a forced, and is missing a key detail, that is the most meaningful, so to torture male schizoid personality disorder victimization and enable diagnostic characteristics that do have a source in the At strange behavior itself, so to duplicate definining characteristics, and to enable a fake victim, with blood shed for the first time not through a period nor vaginal penetration, only anal fixation and vaginal jealousy, in a feeling parallel torture program effects cumulatively, working with a torturer is not the same as becoming the tortured abandoned child’s, so the mother has the rapist’s complexion and complex with the person always npd, and never bipolar; this switch has roots in contemporary economic trade, and old school cinema, not from abroad, howverr with it seems, if Malcolm had Rosa parks and Martin Luther king jr had Betty shabazz with the person owning this corporation not a dilettante, a real official, whom is employed with his son, and uses another person for his sister, with Arcadia being the place where no one in Irvine could attend high school, with certains having curtains called and others never. And this trauma is more than Jeremy Harris’s slave play and with Jeremy in particular having a prix fixe just for that purpose and obviously for another, having no friends is not popularity, so if nada surf had rotten peaches, and I dated taylor swift for the first time, would the date end in a qualuude, because she has drugged someone before, and that person’s body, and her work is not racist and she loves Kanye however arrogant is not.a quality, and male schizoid personality a sell by at cvs, where he was employed to harm the person whom you couldn’t have had, the bank working to kill it long ago, only to melt away through a stevienicks tip to investigators, which had a personalized letterhead, that when Kanye looked at, it triggered a bad response; namely about” I haven’t harmed anyone ever and wouldn’t ever be the person at the mailbox where no one hates online mail is never because that letter stevie wrote to Kanye about was not proof of ownership only of the letterhead, not the paper, the printed stamps online often are a true way to hate eveyone stealing and harming in an illegal hate group that circulates in physical mail, using plagiarism in the United Kingdom’s, terrorizing with part old-technology and new-technology, proof that the person receiving is the person not giving, and with only one letter, arguing that money is power not joy and depression not he fund of such stupidity, with some actively writing and stealing to pretend to be poets with the poetry foundation hacked in a world exclusive to place her later in a pantheon that hadn’t been a familial rapist working with that rapist and known as personal helper to torture aiding sexual predation with a fake-incest partner morning is her hatred and stealing of her is the hatred of hers fakely, though enabled against Innocent, and harming for that purpose, to marginalize with a verbal abuse that had energy sourced in rape victims at new torture sites where incest is the norm and sexuality too, in a way about torture and in a way about the odd people involved, not just not interconnected online, wanting to feel power with that person that is actively tortured

You don’t say Keith overland is a nigga because he miss his girl she fish to my fool it ain’t worth it Irvine pd it ain’t worth your dog eating you out One of the weirder incidents of torture happened at Uc Irvine's Subaru Tailend, so if it's A Poor Bitch and people haven't harmed to harm the soul of the traitor whom is a traitor _ Disgusting Rapist Rapists _ Shiva Tagdhis is a torturer for university of California _ Chosen to torture not a torture site, Irvine, California, -United States of America, at simultaneous sites, including the disgusting place near Pasadena, a food establishment from Israel, in La Jolla, California, aroma which is based in Enc, raping violently as well choosing patrons, not on Fairfax, however involving equitable having several employees initiate that data breach also the dish breach which had the intent of breaking satellite communications, sourced in Irvine's restauranteforming criminals? The person trying changed to allow this from a+ f proving i didn't earn The teacher said congrats on a blowjob well done that abnormal teacher lol gotten a rape kit from Mina rapists playing get rape game cocksuckers for their own kind it's gross

They seem to be using ai mina and that’s not me they’re just sending what I’m sending let me give you some proof I don’t slur I don’t use contractions I don’t have a bitch I don’t need pussy, find the owner, whom is not to terrorize nor be financed with people who will end stupid torture and those whom owned that technology not to be your torture

Armenians are the persons whom are very kind and also very smart making millions off of kris Jenner making her suffer with mark geragos arranging for the murder of Kanye west with lilit pgoosian enabled by the same official whom is regarded low there and still has pwoer in Peter Davidson's fbi aid and also to harm Brandy this sort of attack is deliberate and precalcupated with the Paris robbery also harming the European Union intentionally to flip the euro with attacks of grander natures and the robbery in Paris had such a devastating impact her boyfriend was working to harm and find thats when people celebrated when he began hospital treatment torture of a different sort im only partially familiar with thats the hospital torture I think it may be worth stopppng psychiatry research

I found at least 34345 CIA Kidnappers and stopped it permanently to have with God against ur fucking stupid asses Americans leave the fuck alone you fucking ugly ass girlfriends and boyfriends of artsy politickin NFL's A June 2006 report estimated that one hundred people had been kidnapped by the CIA {} Abu Zubaydah, tortured at CIA 'black sites' in six different countries, has right to sue UK government. (UK Apologizes to Libyans Kidnapped by CIA in Bangkok)

I am the most spiritual figure alive and in history, and more than Jesus Christ, with the power to say, shame on you, shame on you, shame on you shame on you

It is not normal to arape and to avenge rape is not normal, neither is yours to know rape, so you rapists are now raped and I am raping you a song, “Do not rape, do not rape raper is not a rapist, to you are? The torture is now into the hands of, too, the hatred of yours. This is bad news. Unfortunately, your world has crashed with away into the winds of my hatred of ours with your hatred known and unknown, now. I will not entertain your hatred of normality nor of thinking. You are going to go. It will not be easy, and with your rapists known as such. The end of the world is now your beginning, and your behaviors are now know not to be forgotten and with your hatred of the world is a finality that hasn’t broughten to the light your hatred of the world’s your painfulness is not to be known and to know you are unknown in an experiment of the God of yours is not to know you are actions. And with your stupidity to have your stupid women and men abused sexually by children with the force of the world’s Innocents you are a contraction with your children abused sexually to know you are not to be touched angels are not yours shame on you and yours and I will know you are now to be known as unknown historically with your stupidity ot know why you can’t rape and you can’t exist presently is not a joke of your existence with your abuser known as The Eternal Tormentor of your animalians, the hatred of yours is your beating knives which is yours bodies in motion not yours to be known broken bodies with the power of my emotional existence to have.