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for me, fake arrests, fake police with real guns, fake doctors, fake mental health holds (& drugs), fake-real FBI-CIA-Similars pose a problem, immediately, and no one yet? hmmmmmmmmm

through the same means, any such person can be embedded

double-check your family, as that seems important to say, perhaps starting with cousin(s)s not capital, not DeMarcius, moookie been missin out back kinda shit wild but it's possible that each and every person is not a person, but a people; such means, do not hate, do not harber resentment, and do check yourself before you wreck yourself, miley cyrus is a wrecking ball, and i'm a piece of shit for saying that i'm not a mess to be around (As a human, as a humanitarian, as a genius, as a nigga from the southside of chicago's, i'd say don't fall for it, but do fall

it can be so bad that they use fake RAINN numbers to offer help, and coerce you into meetings or anythign against your will, just throwing that out there, do be very careful but do seek help, and do help, and do be careful again, and what matters, tricking anyone trying to help so be careful even in person, abundance of caution is always warranted, colleagues/employees can be problematic and tricky rational worry there's like an optimal level of anxiety, use your mind in these dealing(s)s, and even trying to help someone even in a hospital setting just imagine that someone needs to develop how it happens with third parties, whatever that means to u

fake rescues are a possible tactic, and fake doctors, similar strategies, so prove honesty and trust and i have nothing and want nothing to do with this or do i and please stop calling me Phil Knight

make sure everyone's good and including the bigwigs so weird weirdness personified

so many new technologies

fake kidnappings are possibly planned as well to liberate, falsely , so or even temporary real-fake ones

understandlby, preemptive measures are to be taken; however, that original person could've been replaced2

official doctors can poison, similarly using same scary trick(s)s(s), trying weird thing(s)s(s)

it's a little confusing, but a lot of the women are crying out for help, usually making false allegations against a different male, to save themselves, reflecting their personal experiences, and a lot of women are complicit in these crimes, and that can be really confusing, but that's rare? is r. kelly innocent i dunno, but Heaven Hugs it's at least worth checking out and amber heard was right doesn't mean she wasn't right, currently, weirdo, as being right is always stop asking for victimhood Respect Innocent answers hidden thanks for all your help abuser(s)s

tbh, i'm not honestly sure that's him, used to be cool i guess or maybe not or maybe so um so confusing dun dun dun

James Soliman, priest, may have been replaced, and Ramzi Kiriakos may be living

I'm not sure but Lilit Pogosian may or may not be so funny is to be or not be hahah, as such : people who hate do so indscriminately, and indiscrimination is not a real word, but it could be if you, correction We wanted to, but that was forced We, so what is forced and what isn't Answer: There is someone handling misdirecting and killing - forceful killing, forcefully rather

some numbers may only work with some number(s)s, a lot of spoofing tricks voices etc spoofed e-mail(s)s that kind of thing and please don't be forced to be tricked

sudden realization sort of thing, that doesn't look like the old taylor swift, the boobs everything has changed, maybe a long time ago maybe I'm stretching

Be wary, parents might have been switched

cancer data on Andrea Swift, matched mammogram(s)s if taken by any party

the same goes for any publicist/previous/currentattorney(s)s, as attornies is spelled attorneys and i made a mistake i fucked up

that said, sibling/partner

alexis phifer abigail and hers


still think it could be orchestrated but that may be part of the definite trick

the bad guys could hire bad body doubles of their own

sheet music written in 23 time, doesn't mean that, as i know basketball Seth and Steph Curry confusing enough for me hahahaha jajajaja

knowingly, benefitting from Abuse of Innocent(s)s

so was that Brian Warner you fucked the next day, knowingly and/or unknowingly druggings are unnoticed (toxicology tests)

in such a situation, culpability isn't passed

kim kardashian had a similar described incident thwarted in Paris, France, similar to Nancy Ajram's

the teeth

necessarily, let's be nitpicky, can anyone match Alana Haim to that photograph, or get started on IG instagram.com/alanahaim instagram.com/daniellehaim instagram.com/estehaim

maybe it's a warning sign of sorts even what it means as presented

or are both not, and one a laughingstock, the other Scary I don't really know for sure, but this person could be used as "a decoy" by someone(s)s so uclear it was then, but Clairty is Gained Spiritually

http://www.darrencriss.com/booking is a contact for the HAIMFAMILY(notallbutimmediate-i guess i guesst i guessed

it could be that person is a hostage-taker, who has Alana Haim hostage, whichever is realer, held hostage; the man who showed up to the game, and A24 employee? 

this is tentative, but it's wholly possible danielle haim remains available to contact

X has seemingly blocked all users from searching Swift’s name.

How much of the internet is real, and is Elon Musk's daughter or son or daughter-son or son-daughter whatever safe, or is that not real, and what is real, or rather who, and how is Reality Sustained Spiritually

anyone working oppositely, and is that a worthy question to consider, well you considered it when you asked it to yourself, as i didn't ask you to ask it, and who made me correct myself, or did I correct myself, with God

as odd as this sounds, or may sound, clones are often used/abused abused\used by spy agencies, such as studies of how to costume (at high levels, it has happened historically, i think, or have heard, both thinkandheard, or one or the other • still, though aptitude before/after tests •••

we haven't heard from HAIM sisters sisters individually on Instagram for a while, but what do you think and i don't want to stop individual thinking, nor cause unnecessary, only necessary panic, no hannukah celebration, but i tell myself this year is different, no rather last year was

What happened to Virgil's cancer diagnosis, and can I see paperwork, that isn't fabricated, and is authenticated, because he didn't undergo treatment, but loved life, and still does love life, as reflected in his works

Taylor Swift is banned from Twitter, good job, but let's keep our safety paramount

marilyn manson could be a group of interchangeable people already has a cult following as its defined popularly currently, and there are definite correlations any real criminologist forensic scientist more educated, but please More Spiritual Forever