i feel sorry for the mother who raised you in the shit pants you're internally misguided, perhaps the most stupid i've ever thought of racist like a hitler guy in the 60s Trump's biggest advocate and rapist in chief

I want to be the man of your house of cards don't match

you love the klan in your state it's protected by you for someone so dumb she can't read drool for me sir do you drool looking

so you say you like it

itto too much to like obnoxious

disgusting weird out-there, is the leader of your industry real yes he is, but he is us, not really

racist af

smacking lips classic racism like no other and unparalleled violent

i wonder if he was enslaved long ago, to a negro, who was enslaved by hatred

scary weird mocking lips racist af and everyone knows white supremacist/nationalist still klansmen just different shapes, sizes, genders

wiping after done like wipeout of a culture kinda passe buy a toto or something dorothy would fuck over any tinman who plays tinman, like an actor who plays an actor, sort of like you, thanks i guess


it was nice today, i owe you a ride to a ticket

the carpenters's karen is dead seriously and they're still mocking hard-working sorts