Disgusting Taylor Swift, the worst thing imaginable

in terms of women, chooses selective targets to domestically abuse - those who are ethnic

God Knows that We Are To Be Godly,

as Taylor Swift is the antithesis of M.I.A.

who is responsible for every modern rape victim going unheard, monopolizing Our Holy Victimhood, so Unlike Them, So Different

Did you contact the FBI to get Kim Kardashian arrested?

The NFL, is indeed sponsored by Big Pharma, to hide a history of CTE damage(s), as Travis Kelce is actually sponsored by Pfizer, but, as a corrupt  organisation, is sponsoring her, too, abusing like it did with M.I.A.,

the $16 million, racist, yes, but also intentionally discredited M.I.A., to make her highness look crazy, an attempt to bankrupt her individually

great job Newsom, no one likes you, and you're ruining the world, as a stupid, violent, misogynist, and "jock," strange, aggressive plagiaristic foreign to kindness abrasive vulgar suggestive uncultured (not greek yogurt) and so on, i have an audio version available fro you sort(s), go back to almost being recalled, aggressive scary intimidating