clarify: American Airlines is or isn't Taylor Swift, isn't that stupid bad financial genius, legal genius(es)es

Americans, not American, good notice Swiffy FBI-Airline(s)s of Forevermore Choice

If you want to put "Airlines," which should be transit lines, in the very least, or SkyScrapers, more artistically, or Americans' Airlines, because there is more than one line (and please watch for drunken passengers)

aviation terrorism that's Swift-related, or is a plurality of opinion important, and so is individuality

Briton's vs British

but those were her jets

you will have to fly American Airlines's Airline (the 1989 line) exclusively from now on so as not to absconce

obligation to inform

no, she won't be on that flight or will she or won't she and what will kid(s)s think or thunk, and now, and is there hate crimes involved, what does ssss mean, slithering snake(s)s are child-Mohammed, say you're Moe, from The Simpsons

I think American Airlines has an obligation to inform you what ssss is, who has it, to reveal it now, past, present, hopefully not future, to end ssss, (as a result -because of stated affiliation(s)s]), and put Taylor Swift-FBI-CIA-SimilarSorts to investigate, Terrorism Watchlist(s)s worldwide, involving

Taylor Swift "FBI" refused to care about Ryan Adams's abuses believed didn't seem to believe them still wont' address them nor will she now and still promoting him, his abuse and that's not Mandy Moore, why'd ya think that then were you stupefied 

great contributions to flight history, but flight doesn't mean that in first or second class

terrorism-related, United Nations, CAIR-related contact CAIR and contact from CAIR, United Nations, International Air Authority is authorized to question regarding past incidents/not needing to discuss why"resultingly" necessity to answer(based on branding decision, also seemingly illegal, so similar party(ies)ies can be involved necessarily?

Change flight number (1989) to cover up flight that took is not legal to change flight #(s) doesn't seem so, never happened before, clearly an attempt to hide and abuse and torture, further, with the fake artiste

distraction tactic, consult with right person, Ronan Farrow to direct whom temporarily? contact necessarily

tricking to deflect Taylor Swift's blame and role, and subjugating hearts(s)s, conducting acts of torture, to not be dizzied by perspectives on ability to fly, to mock

Mental health discrimination at the tarmac? Racial discrimination at the tarmac? How do you spell this to reveal truth, such weirdness

based on racist, sexually abusive FBI

how gross is it

then it will be forever 1989, retarding emotions doesn't mean that, so it's actually named after Ryan Adams, and has an affiliation with abuse(FBI-affiliated, ongoing), similarly

abuse* tricks not Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version), the most recent release 1989 

American Airlines supports sexual abuse(r)s, as believed by Mandy Moore

damage is done, too late

so focus more on FBI racism, then? cause confuision deflect blame everywhere, state of chaos