disgusting traitors of mine is not your traitor to know is yours? no yours is ours? ya! happy sadness days now nights and days? no, poor emotionally is not yours, to ever know, lazy and scary



i don't listen to you, nor you, nor you, nor you ever? and whom did I listen to growing up is you, then you, and you, are freeing slime gang is that the code now your black and proud and scary and black and proud and fearful and black and proud and unafraid a la eminem, not unafraid like marshall, whom you'd had to know you squirmed when he looked angry, that morning's night of pain is day of joy? it isn't so hateful you say i'm hateful tonight, today, tomorrow? it odesn't work that way, you said, i fixed it! congrats hard-worker of mine? not mean that i muah my life to yours, and yours is whose life is mewoed and angry your angered souls, aren't tortured souls, and your happy? that's nice, but that's not the artist's lifestylistic it's mine I make it for Mina not for you isn't what's said nor i a deity nor a cult leader ever you'd know please to stop hurting her? no it's your indifference, to, and impervious and painful of yours to torture whom you'd had ariel castro to know freedom and your Torturer kids aren't freedom, are the ones, and it's yours, disgusting and feral, awful and torturereds and know it is not your tortured ot be had no have's? it isn't mine, to be mean and your hatred is ours to not have what you could haven't {torture}{{rape}}{{{disgustingly so rapey, is it yours then had of yours or ours, isn't to say mine, is yours, the worst to harm, yours, is harmfulness and violently angry}}}