among the worst humans historically, to note, the abuse to say it to want it so bad to kill and quell simultaneously to laugh whiel doing so to torture and get away with it disgustingly and to criticize nonsensically and to do violently and with no care, just to have fun, the most disgusting thug, it's not funny, it's terrifying, and your abuse so? so to what end, to yours, to your ends, yes, but to abuse so 

so if you're dodi and mo did you die to know how not to and if you hated did you wish for what you are to say that person who exists is so stupid as to want to feel what you if someone had then you wouldn't dignify themselves with different sort of it is was the hatred of yours so disgusting and virulent unremarkable so to say you're abusive and to feel your abuse and torture to feel that so you know what you've done and why so to feel what it's like to be stupid and inane, to best say you're worthless so disgusting and ugly {people like you are angry, feral}

racist and scary, like i don't want to be tortured and you do just that, torture, and together, it's really what you want: to make look like you, pussy and scary, both the worst traits, so you make yourself an aggressor a demeanor and also a person who wants to demean, so which is worse, the hatred or the abuse at the end of the day, and to start your day with your abuse, and end it with your hysteria disturbingly, to hurt and demean using the most vicious tactics, together, so to say your so strong, but intimidating, and if you're not then you are, to hurt so nonsensically so does the hatred feel like yours and is it yours yet do you have hatred yet and is it together, is it growing so to know your abuse to feel it together in tandem, or is it individual so to feel your abuse to laugh at it and want it to hurt and mock to feel different and differently, rape and torture? so you know it's not your province so you're fake and abused, disgusting and odd, it's not your thing but yours, disgusting rape and torture to feel yours so if you're so then you're not and if yuo're not then you are, it's terrifying and abusive and so you're not there but you are to feel your abuse viscerally and want it to know, so disgsustingly to cause and berate to humiliate so harsh is yours to say that 

and to know how much the abuse is to enslave and torture to fix then torture and torture to fix and abuse and credit and talk and hurt to not know and to know both what your hatred is so you feel what you aren't and to do so with the same sort of torture and to feel your hatred is to know it, and to subjugaste so violently and to know you are an abuser someone who hates to torture 

so to feel the same and to know the same,to do so violently without care adn to know your abuse so well, it's yours, it is just yours and you want it that way, the most disgusting feral creatures to ever exist to want and to kill and to torture so people cannot be with each other to know your abuse so violently so that people cannot know

so if you feel then you aren't but are and will and won't to feel so fi you wait, then are you there, sort of torture, and it is so if you aren't there, kind of, and always, and to know you are always there, to know your abuse, so violently, to know how to abuse, to abuse other time, like if you wanted to you could and if you didn't want to you couldn't but will, and if you are then you can't and are not able to know, but you are to know that you are scary, best amended to say that you are they, and they are you to hate and to not hurt so you torture and say you are not they who are hopeful also if you hate that then you are someone who wished for more and sought more always but never were kind were unkind and lame, to best say you are the most worthless sacks of shit ever and you will see who you are and know who you are more importantly as significantly evil and also added that your abuse is the constant, and torture is so violent, and that your abuse is the wish, to know that you aren't but could be sexual, so you're whom now? have you changed and why have you changed that to not know why but you did, so to say, this abuse, so you want more and less but are more and less to know your abuse is constant and such a deranged sort of weirdness, like if you wanted to, and it's always your fault, so to know that your abuse isn't the same, that it's typically terrifying and to know such hatred such a weird form of torture so to know how to disgusting altogether assualtive so uninteresting with the lack of dignity and to feel other and to want to torture so you absolve yourselves but not your selves; to say, this abuse is not stupid, to say you are, and you want to hurt and puppet others falsley said so untrue scary, and terrifying