i love RAINN.org

fake punk (Taylor's Version)

i'm here, because i don't care about money; kill me, legacy living, but, yeah, you're going to lose everything, and i ain't involved no more

poof : it' s gone

i'm a real celebrity

i'ma going to show you that.

i'm a genius. 

you hijacked a genius, terrorist Scotty, Andrea, Austin, Taylor Swift, Romantic, wasn't it, your killing spree

tthe work sucked, society regressed.

and now, guess what? #timesup

Satan is real, and God is too, but I'm trying to kill Satan, on God.

Taylor Swift is not God nor Satan, but a Satanist,

worthless like her pussy father and brother and attorneys, not men, just like running girls

hahahaha scott, you gon get arrested: scary criminal making death threats, don't fuck with me, poor jealous redneck

same to your mother, she ain't nothing, she weak, not a good singer, like i can't imagine her singer

dolly parton is on that part that; tree paine, you're not straight-shooting, you're crooked, and just as evil

taylor is gonna get jailed, arrested, but bankrupt-foreclosed-everything mine, thanks to mine. let's get started as she said, to torture, whomever

so if you knew and didn't say, i'll never tell what love you had you thought you had will be realized no victims, only us; hi girl, i got u

partners, friends, fake-lover(s), coogi down to the sock, sorry, too late,

damages are in the trillion-dollar range

kill me, it's worse, because i'll be alive in your nightmares? scary mother of yours (you look at her mother's toes, yum, Scott, Austin), brother's lovers, it's about time for payback

to those you hurt,

all (worldwide, family, where we livin, major bitch; it's major, ye and north; we gon get it.)
give me that himalayan, for all the cats, that you dogged, i'll groom her better

as Skepta and the niggas say, it's shutdown - ring the alarm, jay-z; it's handled ye; i'm out cold and coming in hot, BITCH, nah, Slut, bye.

say goodbye to hollywood, eminem, you got you, i got that clown who mocked you, 2

it's an order to conduct worse if i get handled further, but this shit is for the real one, me.

Not y'all, me.

My legacy's settled; don't fuck with us, real ones again. I got you on quadruple mock, that's impossible