site of hatred

is: kanye west's, taylor swift's to take, for a bad musician to come, "a jee" someone like kanye west and migos, but a female rapper who is engineered to hate similarly, with no talent, just the same witchy sound

she will complement a world of hatred, with songs about "doing" and not the thing just "doing"

the color will be a sparkling form of turqouise,

and the aggression will be not real, will be full of emptiness mocked,

from those drugged, by taylor swift's drug ads on how to get help for anger new pill

so it doesn't work like that, it will not happen. yet

music by rock artists who lack grunge will make its way through, songs about "you do" more popular than "i do"

so most relationships will be focused on reciprocating and not giving love, with a few enabled, to batter men, for the fake abused victims treated with taylor swift's new anger pill

which subjugates those who rebel and makes a new warlock yell similar to the witch's, just loud and pointless

i hate those who hate

who split eyes

and make others theirs

it ain't how it works, and when i mean "it" i mean hatred

people hate "hatred" so I love but not in the past tesnse, and so you wreck a home, i wreck a life, the quagmire of which isn't the truth of yours, is the truth of mine, so you take  yours, i'll take mine, yours, is a hatred to be taken away from you 

and give to me

to whom and to see

the truth of us is really

cool, and different; such that i am not untruthful nor uncouth when i say, "am i hatred today, nor yesterday, say tomorrow you'll be scary,

then scarier, are and were to say and see your hatred not be, well, then it is to stay in the past as said more properly am i there here and why am i here and there where i am now and later but before too i didn't go anywhere, because i was and am and was to be here and there, so together and always

a hatred is real

a hatred is mine

such mineness is a truth of hatred

so stupid isn't that which hates

and why the Lord showed from above,

am i a person who isn't to see

you isn't me and ours is whom, to have to say is mine whose and why is everyone so hateful when i asked because it is to ask such stupidity and truth but to have what i didn't is wrong or corrected to say in hating others i am not alive and am alive today but both to see i am alive and wanted to say i see, i will see, and that i saw you and me, not whom, but they, and not we, but us,

so the truth of innocents and of is to have and to want, steal, and borrow a person who could be

persons is personality

hatred? is 

it despair that isn't

then why isn't

and is isn't its hatred of despair and ennui which wholly is whose and ours and the innocent would say

more accurately

that i was to see who

i wasn't to be who i was

is to be an isn't of hatred

that innocent hatred

is real

to have had and not been had, is the key, to know both, to own a property of hatred is a property of love such 

that tides swim

that hatred moves

and emotionality makes

so the emotions of the tide's movements and the emotional tide's sayings of validity that were always and are to be

the ones who are the always the person to be such hatred

isn't ennui 

is it boring to say i am boredom, that it wasn't ennui but simply activity of love

and activity of itself, the movement of God

celestially, to have had

you are where to know I have had a movement of God in my today's morning, to have had a mourning of hatred, and a goodbyes to what were hellos, to start with hello sir goodbye madame may i have this isn't necessarily a dance of love to hate is a hatreds love a loving hatred and why isn't it so

that love is a whole and when you wholly condemned me to say thank you God for and the makings of me are who and they would say you know how to know how to learn with such aplomb in saying this repeatedly (thanks)((thanks to you))(((and thanks to the yous who thanks you thankfully, with)))(((without a within a without is within doesn't make sense)))((such hatred is sensical of hatred of within and without to become without what I had and have hadn't within))(and such hatred is so, that love wins is a go)

{now}{{they say}}{{{hatred}}}

{{{hatred's love}}}{{a dove of noah's ark apparation}}{to have had a flight of fancy and a fasnciful flight into the strangers 'world of and with and such movement of emotionality with its wings}