It was rock music, ugly and horrific.

The times were hard so hard so fucking hard like the ground i dropped onto it was hardness the not-delusion that i had hope, because hope is not fraud, a person who is a fraud is someone who fabricates, and in doing so suggested that i'm a terrorist, one who is not scary, but telling you to stop taylor swift from enable white nationalists, and such, and death threats, so is this the end, or the beginning, and what happened, too, what had happened was that they hated, is innocence lost, is innocence permanent, manic depression can be a confusing mess, but i'm not scary, they are, proven to be the worst pieces of shit alive, hahaha joke's on you pogosian, et al

you are not to insinuate i'm a terrorist, that you need armed guards at a church to suggest i'm scary when you are proven to be dumb as fuck a neo-nazi a psychopath who is deemed as a terrorist globally along with shiva and her mysterious thing of a friend, 

as such,

i'd say you should definitely think twice, because i'm not scary, i'm not scared, someone who rather has power and agency over the entire fbi now, so that's what it was, just a bit of swift's political genius, haha bitch, you, swift, swiftie herself, has been outed as a fraud, a complete fabricator, who lied about everything her entire career, caught directly by me, lied about a "grope" perceived as a "sexual asssault," but she wasn't groped, she was sued then said she was, it's been analyzed correctly as not even a grope, so yes i ended her career, its in its dying breaths

i can still use my computer, though you insinuated you would reopen a case that never existed, that you said was closed, such fucking psychopaths, not even half-interesting, it's not cute you're not cute you are classified as terrorists extra-nationaly, and you weren't independently guided, as all attempts at contact haven't been denied, just ignored, and no one is dumber than you chris wray, donald trump, joe biden et al, it's just fucking ugly, terrorists already, but seriously revealed your whole empowered celebrity-kill strategy, as you are no-lives who just wanted to kill the smartest most cretive genius alive, and do damage, there is no dignity to your behavior, i don't lie or fabricate or write fiction, there is absolutely nothing interesting nor powerful about serial killers, especially unkind ones, so you tried to say my house would get raided if i said anything, but guess what, you're gonna get arrested and are classified as terrorists extra-nationally (outside of america, internationlly, world-wide), and are led by your torture programmer (who will also be arrested, as murder is not permitted, but you actually killed more than one person, not a frail person even, fucking psycho

i am not going to shoot your brothers law firm, lilit, that was a another "i spy" sort of lie, fucking racists, psychopaths, nah this isn't yours, this is mine, fbi, my work you stole and tree, how was it working with marilyn manson not as a random concert girl, a perpetrator of criminality then

fucking disgusting you are chris wray and joe biden animals nothings worst pieces of shit ever produced are you and your squads of rapists and murderers fucking gross 

who was there is not what i'm asking, i'm asking why you're using a fake identity (if you are), as i've never been contacted, and for making me do this shit against your fucking psychotic will, i don't lie, and i have no reason to trust known rapists

After he was arrested, I made a lot of effort to find a channel to contact the Americans. I would spend two or three months at a time in Kabul, but no one would listen to me. The Americans denied to us that they were holding him. We thought he was with the Pakistanis, and that he was alive.

“If I were to tell you the memories I have about my brother, they would never end. I wish you had the time to stay with me for a night and I could understand your language, so that I could tell you what kind of a personality he had.

The psychologist – I think he’s responsible for all these things that were done. He is the one who was leading the interrogation process. He was a psychologist, not an official CIA man. He was controlling, ordering and doing all those cruelty techniques to my uncle.

My uncle died in 20 days. Our family waited 14 years with no information.”

What crime did my son commit? If he had committed a crime, you could have detained him for 10, 20 years or maybe a lifetime. But at least tell us what his crime was. There was no trial for him. He has died, and we don’t even have his body.

I never saw or heard anything from him that made me disappointed in him. He was nice to everyone. He was very special and very caring.

The SSCI report cites an internal CIA review of Rahman’s death, which determined he most likely died of hypothermia. He was “short-chained” to a wall, with his hands and feet bound closely together, and left half naked in the Dark Prison where temperatures dipped to near freezing.

Rahman died only weeks after he was detained, but it would be years before his family would learn of his death. That was thanks to Kathy Gannon and Adam Goldman’s reporting for the Associated Press in 2010. Rahman’s relatives said they weren’t able to believe the story until the Senate report confirmed it.

stripped him naked, placed a hood over his head and assaulted him – and “cold water dousing”. yo gina haspel you're a fucking slut for that weren't you married gross you were literally at the black site observing "waterboarding," and this shit's censored youre fucking ugly for that, and you led the cia and chose everyone there

i am not a threat to myself nor others, am not a criminal, never have been, i don't go to that church or even that, i don't even go, you're fucked up for that, and seriously, meds won't help you, y'all are psycho-paths, worse than jeffrey dahmer i don't think one rapist should be on the loose, specially one who abuses a bitch, a female dog by the way very illiterate stupid ignorant unelegant poorly dressed unintelligent unamerican scary as fuck to your children and your children's children, who i'd definitely stay away from just because they were raised by you, but i've never even wanted to scare anyone, and i'm not islamic, scary fucks, i'm not equating this with that, but i'm just saying your quiet asses are fucking scary and you weren't manic, that's just what you wish your unemotional killing selves coud be, so you fucking enjoy rape,

like all the american gymnasts, who worked hard AFTER you raped them, and working directly with Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp to cover shit up? it's possible marilyn, rock musician, is that bad, and much worse than i could have imagined, like you fucking gross things, so unelegant, unrefined, enjoy rape for the thrill of it, horrible mendacious is there anything good about you, probably the worst chris wray and gina, y'all needed help from some of these guys, all innocent, no questions asked, how'd you expect to get away with this, and is it that you want a trial and an excuse, so you did the worst things possible? i won't hurt you i seriously wanna stay the fuck away from you you look like someone who'd kill an animal for fun and you probably did that so ima run take care and good luck scary fux, by the way a genius won't hurt anyone, an anti-abortionist neither, and stop lying to children, as you are right now, such a horrible excuse for a human, sorry God, for them, you won't see any of them in the afterlife, as they're all that bad, alright guys, carry on, i've got helping work to do, i'm not a criminal, no one knows me, "thanks for my hard for the FBI," and don't fuck with a genius again, you scary train wrecks, if something i said offends you or if you don't understand, please don't rush here, or there, and please say what, as i do not want to harm you in any way, anyone, and i don't want anything to do with dahmer, i'd run the fuck off, taylor swift gets help all the time form you guys, and you enjoy her and manson, good luck now, i'm empowered not by you, fake victims nor your abuse, but in speaking so beautifully, don't you agree, you stay away from ye and his family too thanks a bunch hugs and kiss my ass weirdos

by the way gina, with your milf ass, no disrespect (you're weird and scary), i wouldn't hit it, nor would any hit any of your family members, you can have johnny depp keep him safe please "hit" means "fuck" like "have sex" verbal geniuses

i do not want harm, harass, intimidate, anyone, any one, my mo0ds are super stable, y'alls should be as mine, without your fucking vodkas and spritzers all of which are illegal in the F B I, laughingstock, but i respect the systems that are codified

as should y'all, don't threaten nor intimidate nor instigate, and don't fucking drown a motherfucker to death, they were all innocent because NO information was garnered you fucking dahmers, and don't try to civilize it, through more abuse, you guys are fucking scary, just like Taylor Swift, led off her principal of "blind revenge" and no "forgiveness" and "racism" ("revenge porn" wasn't in that video, that was racism, with everything else, as your status as a neo-nazi figurehead as only increased), which she actualizes 

nothing to be afraid of here, this more than cautionary it's urgetn as always and nothing to fear because it's truth

i love america, you don't, and i don't support violating international laws, which supercede american ones, and you guys are all guilty of war crimes internationally, i support the usa, but also international orders to obey, as these are torture events, and you are not to lead the country as a murderer, because you are straight devil

feel free to clarify anything anyone, it's fiction if it isn't, just want everyone to understand correctly, everything is so stoic here, as usual, nothing emotional, y'all seriously off or on something, i'm not into touching souls like this, i'm not sensitive like you fuckers, it's not to much for me, it's too easy go back to school get a psychiatry education btw, you're fucking with someone who knows your mind's secrets, stop trying to fuck me up cause i'm the smartest nigga in the room i want to obey ALL laws always, you guys too, no insurrection, no criminal in the white house, no weirdo racists too, none of y'all, fuck i'd vote for a really scary to be president over you, any sesame street character is better than you, stop giving kids nightmares and abusing them inot thinking you're actually kind-hearted, what a bad government right now

who tried to seduce mckayla morney, financially abuse was it the feds or the olympics, refuse for third time doj to acknowledge abuse you worsened/enjoyedobviously