Real niggas know

it's kinda weird

but not academic

Imogen Heap's sister Juliet dead, too, it really sad

She a Briton

Britons do it differently, they like the 6ix9ine type, the King Von type, the NBA YoungBoy type, the DaBaby type, that's the proper form of military defense

Your behaviors are beyond opportunistic, are strange, you're hiring mentalists who are just narcissistic abusers to do detective work, and it's fucking weird

Anyway Any ways, Mark Hacking is your type; keep him, and no thanks

keep trying to feel good through rapes, murders, threats - then ima say no to drugs right

who pens marilyn manson lyrics, modeling behavior much? don't do that

this appears to be a state of crisis, as i've never heard of this snowden character

but still as urgent as this is, it's fake; so UK it so British; you guys are cheeky (it doesn't mean that!)