There are hopes, so many of them 1. Do not hope 2. Do not lose hope, neener neener neener 3. Do not harm Doc From The Seven Dwarves 4. Do not dwarf in comparison to Goliath 5. I am not Goliath 6. I am less than a dwarf, and suffer dwarfism 7. I am Plathic I believe that Plath isn't a good writer, nor do a good poet 8. I'm a dirty ass Arab, and smell 9. If you like smelly sorts, I cannot smell you; because I smell so much like ara 10. I am stupid, so stupid, so so stupid, 

Taylor Swift news, is fake news, any of it is; think of it, then don't think of it; it lacks any meaning, it just sits there, doing nothing, helping no one, so why is it out there, and why is it so nonsensical; it is riddled with true psychopathy, a mental health condition called Antisocial Personality Disorder, a blip on the screen like The Streets rapped about, and The Sreets is watchin isn't it, it's WC and Mack 10; there is a westside connection, Jane Pauley would know about, or not?

Don't get angry with the wrong person, and keep yours strong. Most of these people are so vehement, is because they are crying out for help, not providing clues, so go one by one, one-piece-by-one-piece to see not even why they are so vehement, not the emotionality of it, but why there is spacing in their speech, because that's highly revelatory; people who have fun, that's not my thing, i don't like to have fun - a funner thing to do is not have fun, which is funnier hehe =) and that could be seen as a mathemtical expression, too = and ) it looks math-related, so all mathematicians work with createive sorts in all fields, particularly economics

at the World Economics Conference, Conferences related to Honor Societies, National Honor Rolls, be careful and correlate, from yearbook photos, is that 

if you want to contact me, e-mail me; you can clue it how you want, without anything showy

whole fields of vision are obscured, to make you believe you can't be victimized, that it's too late - that also, you are involved, when you are a tool or toy of some kind, a trick, someone who cannot and will not know, but knowledge. You can know knowledge. You really can! Yes, you can, you can know knowledge

On behalf of the Pogos of the world, i do not know what's going on; so stay the fuck away from here

There are certain people, who hate; I cannot hate, I repeatedly say that for a reason and reasons so that I cannot be understood; very well, then I am understood A published poet, named Melissa Broder, is a way out of this ,. but she got unpublished, in some people hate but I don't, because of the very notion of hate people who hate, really hate; they abuse, torture, mock, dissuade helpers, and I have helpers

"I Drive Myself Crazy," how I wish I wasn't crazy in the video instead of here, where there are four white walls

there aren't hopes, that don't decay - but sometimes people hate, and I don't; I don't hate, because I cannot, it is not in my vocabulary; watch out for vocabulary/or I mean dictionary searches, such as "what is meaningfulness" "what is" with uh a(n)<-messed up extra " intentionally, so as not to get the precise search when you do " " and other similar things such as seraches on to cover up, like the most innocuous like not even baked goods, but where to buy cookie apron(s)s - also, please no please konw, rather or to be corrected, that no one is a song by Alicia Keys, but her name can also be spelled Alicia Keyes, like the commercial jingle, Keyes Keyes Keyes Keyes on Van Nuys, and Jonathan Van Ness is Not Van McMann, but VAn McMann is actually Vince from WWE, so a lot of these sorts have affiliation with fight groups and you'll have to think like i just am/did am i fighting back strongly enough am i strong enough but i just said and thought so, so I am - a lot of this has to do with mental confusion, and misperceptions of internal strength, as caused by traditional narcissist abuse patterns, which are well-documented; none of this, absolutely none of this has to do with, a person cannot understand life without understanding hatred, and hatred isn't life; so what's the meaning of hatred, literally, or literarily, and would they know how to even not think about spelling the second word (or, as i meant originally, to use it well, like I did; none of this has to do with racism, so stop studying that; except everything does, it's rooted in extremely racist tactics, used way back when, like in Medieval errors, so check who has looked those things up - not recently, historically, as it seems to be being taught, and modernized with Freudian studies, or those kind of sexual psychological literatures, and people who hate cannot because hatred is not but it is, and (TICK-TOCK, is not what you spell tick tock by the way - that's an addendum; people who use choice words, call them SAT Wordsmart Books, is not good, so look for exact similar(s) that Jablow and Hershman work(s)s journal article(s)s

If you fail, lift yourself and try again -Aaliyah

Try until you can't try no more : trail and error, error=and trial

Understanding life understanding death nuance(d) deaths includes but not limited following three items: