Mina is the smartest human in history, also the most saintly strongest fighting against most responsible for spread of Spirituality worldwide, they knew this that's why all of this is so true disgusting rapists racists disgusting don't disredit us for yourselves,  FBI has lost credibiltiy at rainn, care to join unable to get support after raped  no money no thanks 

smoke and mirrors, disgusting uncreative not heping you spiritually anymore any of way, but thanks i guess i'll take that you've proven yourself corrupt

known to avoid child protection like banks, soda fountains, hurting us still like big pharma

Don't make me insane like you do ugly rapists lost all credibility every employee potentially who is enabling power abuse worldwide

and at CAIR, precious CAIR.com employees it's not even discussed places for a reason

small and mighty but I fought back and roared against your racial abuse it doesn't matter supporting abusers propagates abuse

there are no good individuals there, discussing why they didn't find missing children abuser-not-powerless, stop calling me crazy, abuser(s

disgusting, not us marilyn mansons

there's a reason they have money 

i'm the only helper right now in the fbi and cia 

trying to make me insane it's easy, just one guy

fighting back, not a laughingstock, truly bold and creative, unlike those who took not take advantage, RAINN friends and family network

you've lost not losing artistic support

we've said it, not "we'll say it"

the usa has chosen not to protect me, so i'm going overseas with another abuse victim of theirs permanently (as the effects on me, them, permanent, same as all perpretators)

israel has lost all credibility with dr. martin luther king jr., as well as the united states of american Joe Biden, Donald Trump, George W. Bush

it's like you're asking to get raped by Larry Nassar's way, USC gynecologist students rape victim violent mind crimes games, lucky i'm so healthy so so healthy perverts grossest people

"just give up," right jack antonoff? pos

I singlehandedly, with victims support, destroyed FBI and CIA, the biggest corporations in the world,

Apple was proven to be a shoddy company, abusign smaller people, so their genius lawyers are hiding the fact that they had to stop selling Apple Watch, cowardly, losing support for supporting whom, but its ours now, thanks, take that.

a lot of abusers at greedy corporations did disgusting actions to hurt their biggest supporter, which it has to be a guy, enabling monsters, strictly opposite to their movement, don't violate us, i've proven who I am warmongers rapists-adjacent, not we just like big pharma

the FBI diagnosed Malcolm X with “pre-psychotic paranoid schizophrenia” 

calculated destruction of video recordings of torture conducted by its agentsI was told that Nixon believed discrediting Ellsberg was of the greatest importance. I believed the burglary that I authorized would ascertain whether Ellsberg might have told his psychiatrist he was under pressure from the Soviets, which we thought was so. Of course, we found no evidence of that. my zeal to help the president, I never considered my own duty to the rule of law and underlying ethical values. 




King Von street fighter Johnny Depp

Kanye West street fighter Marilyn Brian

Street Fighter Cardi B Taylor Alison Swift

Mina Street Fighter FBI-CIA Torturer of Your Choice

be a man like me? i ain't your father, not the shithead who didn't raise you fight back the right way cause you needed guidance unlike me, i defend myself if i will ;) can you bleed emotionally, not on your wrists Pussy johnny depp, with a gun by your side, schoolshooters love your work with brian,  i scare you kanye scare you cardi b scary cia torturer she stronger than you bruce jessen take her on? it's a dare, boy, nigger, come here

who was your first kiss? 1975's Frontman Taylor Swift or Matty Healy

you love a guy like that, you evil snake thing what are you

black-on-white blacked porn nigga they subjugate nochu

they say a black bitch can't fuck a real nigga matty healy you pushed the wrong thumbsucker pedo, , i don't deal with weird

prove you can fight back 

pillaging big companies i'm smarter than you writers, untalented i'm basically destroying your platforms $-slut-rapist-money im smarter than you netflix im smarter than you amazon i'm smarter than you cocacola, just like enabling monsters, no apple watch uh oh capital one corruption throatslashing is racist so stop supporting violence anti-war sentiment white supremacists by proxy, not about money lost all credibility at RAINN, NFL is not supported by RAINN family friends network

torture by america, a religious persecution event right in townsquare

You autistic fux stop fucking with me, you autistic fux stop gaslighting me, you autistic fux you know what you're doing, you autistic fux stop harassing and injuring me, you autistic fux spoiled fake geniuses stop acting, you autistic fux stop gaining fuel through your abuses, you autistic fux stop having sympathy for each other, you autistic fux stop aggressively pursuing me, you autistic fux stop being fake geniuses, you autistic fux stop acting like victims, you autistic leader stop acting like me, you autistic fux stop taking credit for my battle wins and scars, you autistic fux you know this isn't a video game unjust led by a violent leader, you autistic fux these are extremely aggressive people, all of whom have no emotionality, a person so violent like everyone involved, this isn't an energy-game

you spoiled jealous complaining not-hardworking projectors so violent ugly angry disgusting stealers-of-words disgusting guitarists brian is not a good person a violent psychopath like Gina Haspel, this isn't a game where you win, retarded glory-seekers, make people think they're wrong when they're not, searching for vulnerabilities 

led by people in israel and america who think you kill someone who disagrees with you, supported by spoiled flashy serial killers, diarists, terrible parents who love coddling for some reason, fake comedians, taking my credits, violent narcissist leader horrible parents and children lazy pointless angry abusing terrorist-killers terrorists online troll, fan club presidents writer vampires diarists learning from victims of evil torture, by the blame-shifters in power, presidents all of Israel and America, having fun hunting with disastrous nerds flashy jareds violent banned-racist violent autists who walk and were reported to social media agencies, plucked from violent hospitals sometimes people who do understand a bit how to be evil, like america and israel governments, telling violent parents and children to act out killing enabling rapes, united states president tortures you don't belong with us gymnasts' innocence,  if u can do it u can't, johnny depp, oh i hate you violent with amber heard terrorist whom deceived for money terrible enablers violent racists knowingly autistic fux, animals, proud boys and girls so many evil parenting and chldren online and offline disgusting violent murderer bully obviously i don't have governmental sponsorship because it even destroys good churches and synagogues in favor bad churches and synagogues hedonists serial killer pitiable not a man not a woman skin and bones bloodthirsty blame-shifters make people aggressive but real nigga gon fight back grrr racists terrorists stoneage chinese water torturer you are fbi special agent celebrity billionaire what horrors saying nothing no one in the world if i do it for anyone besides myself having sex with my emotions impotent singing pushing football money-strategies racists evil

breaking down sympathy-givers and those who can help such violent torture you are not a victim 1975 racist psychopath violent i don't want bad girls room Johnny Depp black-hearted thorny blood-thirsty, school shooting proponents masquerading as helpers living off victims emotions literal blood disgusting women autistic fux sexual devils this is scary stuff, i write for the few victims who can be revived and i've said so so they can, rainn guys you should not tolerate the female incel, Israeli Depp Officials American Depp Officials violent liars not even worried about themselves horrible guitarist school shooters-inducer killed a child marilyn manson? yes, just like johnny dep child killer abuser racists-led by Taylor Swifts at war cheetoh dust lickers money fake against domestic violence organizations because female and male domestic abusers terroris strength in numbers it's weakness we don't have march to this beat 

i am not stoneage so i cannot support violence like bully women-men-women-men-autistic fux helping kills

cops like power disgusting gina haspel racist no victims have power israeli rapists with power  i'm not there leave me alone here lovershow do you live with yourselves disturbed children and adults and retired seniors boat show reviling in your twilight careless the troll farms too the swifities selenators so weak that they do that with a keyboard unlike them just like them stop deflecting blame trash printin working stoneage on stoneage torture leanr how to raise your kids 

but it's your fault evil parents with evil kids parents stoneage killer-torturer-pedophiles "i'm sorry" something taylor swift wouldn't ken-doll leader fake-empathizers not doing nothing evil rapists fake victim abuser light darkness stephen paddock (botched investigation)

if this was easy someone else would do it perverteddisordered stoneage uneducated lowest of the low laughingstock cia psychiatrists no one in medical school goes to be a psychiatrist laughingstocks like the evil ones who like to abuse for money such untalented undignified barbarians this isn't a lesson off with you disgusting men and women do away with this lazy soldiers blameshifting to powerless energy-seeker disgusting too much for your hero you are not a hero to me, just the opposite, a person with no emotions pretending to have them perverse scary narcissist

just leave him alone he is a genius not you taylor 

i repeat this is for victims who can survive to impotent their abuser-abuse

Kanye West should be scared of Taylor Swift, as I've proven, devoted to stopping worst abuser i think he felt he had to infiltrate the animals because of her abusive terrorist follower oh this isn't easy oh the pain oh the ugliness oh the terror oh the threats oh the lack of kindness oh the hideous faces oh their hatred oh their sexuality oh their mothers and fathers oh their ugly sides oh their liars oh their abusers oh their hatred oh their mother oh their father oh their disgusting leader-internal leader, a heart of evil

Kanye West may have felt forced to infilitrate the animals Taylor Swift is a Neo-Nazi racist abuser-threats legal and social "the" brutal isn't funny

i'm not looking for terrrorism worlwide, Satanism, obviously, I'm looking bigger United Nations, which is opposed by Israel, United States Of America as UN-deniers, I love the United Nations, stay away from me stoneage torturers, real victims know, really me

leave me alone autistic fux

stupid i'll slap a bitch and a nigga, unlike you, stoneage clowns, simultaenously i'm strong only real man only real man only real man only real man only real man only real women only real women, Only, pervert Gina Haspel, fake victim Taylor Swift, fake victim The Great Johnny Depression, fake victim Brian Warner, fake FBI-let's get revenge cops enshriners of a school shooter incel Marilyn Manson, absolutely disgusting incels-femcels Amber Heard abusers, who I can represent in court everyone every victim, violent abuser lawyer, violent abuser client, violent abuser of attorney-client privilege, say, and violations of every social and political order