thank you to the random homeless guy who stands outside watching guard over the arab mini store, without anyone noticing

it's like them

i also want to know where all the homeless women are,, and I want to know why homeless men are so scared

is it because you're scary and where is their money it's obligated to give them money 

are you bringing drug companies to take certain people by acting like their friends, even homeless: the opposite of sympathy and empathy

to experiment, because they say you're gone you're gone forever for some reason - and that's not really supposed to be the case working together with street sweepers to make them look like heroes

where can they shower to feel good

is that provided and they're right there, all the people you hate, who i love, the ones who've been through it, because of your abusive nature, similarly here, and it's not like that fake kind emotional fraud was there to help just because that was to do that and forget and act heroic and still trying