Important New war efforts cannot become of old ones, so your efforts in Israel are currently still in effect, and will not be stopped by some weird statement, and these war efforts have considerably damaging to me, and also many of my friends; I would like it to stop at this point; Taylor Swift and her friends, namely Travis Kelce, is engaged in war as a propaganda tool for the United States Government, and she given privileged access, so I'm going to ask other countries who are at risk from an attack, to get involved immediately. On a personal level, I am not the one they are looking for, and have requested humanitarian aid from a governing body who has chosen to protect me during this war effort, and also to protect my friends. 

Abuse has been utilized to do these actions all parties involved are liable for damages and please leave me out of this however your abuses are tantamount to rape, physically; wartime rapes are terrifying, and this happens during war often

Push efforts are common in war and also at times of peace, so wartime not peacetime is not necessarily, and also I'm also going to ask you to refrain from contact from me entirely, as numerous tools have been abused to harass me and sexually torture me, so please do not contact me in any context, as I've said innumerous times, and please avoid those sorts, as a warning to others, who are abroad, and may be affected their terrorist events.

I would like to thank the United Kingdom for freeing me as a hostage from the United States of America, as well as any other hostage and for providing assistance at this time of war, and also to know that I have indeed known who to find as helpers worldwide, stepping up to the plates of hatred and with love the United Kingdom of Heartness, and Also The United States of Darkness will not be forcibly, nor against the will of the United Kingdom.

Your heart is white as ever will be thank you from the hearts of Thee honestly if no one cared i wouldn't have had gotten out it was so scary that i got really cried and sadded like these are arts that would have been destroyed for them thanks so so so much this song is for you whomever you want to see is yours to envision as you want, thanks so, so much!


United Kingdom Temporary, Parental Custody of United States, so that it could have been so much better than it had been given itself so many rights it didn't have i had to have you helped, because i know it isn't right to abuse anyone, ever, as you knew, I know! (: