Princess Di, who died, don't use her name again, did not want media attention. Don’t conflate her legacy, thanks. The Beatles’ fans were not given social media websites to communicate. They enjoyed the adulation. 

The difference is the complaints but the urging for more, more, more. It is the dichotomous, evil treatment. 

I’m your friend! Your best friend!

Come visit me! I’ll even have some over for personally baked desserts.

It’s easy to mitigate.

Post more.

Share more.

The substantive posts are becoming increasingly sporadic. Just spam

Stop going out as a condition of the fame you do indeed crave; you wouldn’t have money if it wasn’t your fans, and you ask for more in obvious fashions.

Do not equate mental illness with violent behaviors.

They are victimized by her vengefulness, her blind rage. She is violently inclined, as evinced in the tonality of her words.

The real stalkers, you’re right, are her  deluded fans. They will do anything to appease her, including break the law, which they did in all sorts of ways.

She was unbothered. She is holding a drink and laughing. And she is abusing the police, by tyrannical force.

I am not a monster that has no idea how to behave in accordance to the times. I am a graceful person who loves the Godly, and seeks Godliness.

PS If you abuse, you will receive a lawsuit from Venable, only interested in social justice as an advertisement, and will not work pro bono for ETSY shopkeepers, unjustly.

Friedrich Nietzsche died.

But before he did, he left us in a crazed state; he was proven weaker than God, and is in Hell! You won't meet that devil there, tbh, if that's your objective.

He didn't accomplish much.

I don't think I recall seeing Friedrich's art in the gallery, nor on Antiques Roadshow.