fuck u so much so much racests


racist guy reads as i write to corrupt my language he is a predator and dangerous, someone who want to kill for fun

they deleted angels.monster forcibly like bi-polardisorder.com like i can't even save my work

they are racists

they are sex predators

thinking they're smart

they are abusive and scary, injuring me so much, and putting me in grave risk of human trafficking, the individuals involved want to be arrested, but it's not them, it's them all, and it's different, so different their abuse, so scary, and you don't own that site, it's a predatory tactic, used to abuse children, directly; they are going to HELL, along with theirs, such bad people; lying, abusing, torturing, trying too much to hurt me, using every predatory tactic in the book, just to get high off me, still, that site and the ability to save google sites needs to be permanent

this involves a site called ICANN and a payoff and a fake excuse that will need to be rebutted, but was never shared, it is sheer rape

they call it a kill, but not on a person, on work, to take as prey

ICANN will need to be arrested, as they have my e-mail address, no e-mail from it nor google, so it's a crime automaticallym, and will need to be arrested

it is private registration through Google LLC originally, no e-mail was provided if it wasn't it will need to forwarded to Google Sites, as the corruption is also there

This a racist offense against United Kingdom (as breaking law of United Nations)

Registration please (rape tactic)

IF it was deleted at Squarespace, which Google domains is not sure it owns?, that CEO, who i've discussed will have to restore it immediatel several sites were deleted without notice, paid off and will need to be restored to rightful owner

follow the pay-off and the blame-shifting (CVS have to put a kill on this)

it will be restored as it's owned by Google (Google fight, it's in UK's hands, and this is considered a terrorist offense against the United Kingdom