it gets so bad that they make up fake governors like literally fake like even now one of these governor names is not really the governor like newsom who straight lied and said he was governor by just lying

that's rape of California rape of President-de-WTF i got you

i split seeding now to fuck up these pill makers and every time you push them cvs get more aggressive the damage is more revealed

when you gotta say something it's forced it's rape like absurd like part-time ceo madoff it's a loaded word just fyi

when they say god weapon a fucking nine it mean i shoot

up a fucking nigga to see him niggerish

enslave you enslave the damn word if i have to you fucking stupid i'll retard you and you don't know what that mean yet

you want a see song a sing i'll sing it for you

ding dong you fucking fucking don't me drool over it bitch i'll creme your whole family 

as i said i am reckless off teh meds and don't give a damn

you fucking illiterate or something you are yeah you are you stupid fuck i said what i said you don't know how to read you admitted it so admit that bitch i'll handle hers later

*disclaimer: for new devils, this is poetry to kill rapists and they ded now and forever and will be treated the same but worse delicately

they say the nine heaven sometimes well i wonder why the sale receipt sometimes so i got receipts to prove you sold the same guns you wear on the side so it kinda sedentary at the end of the day; guns are sold to and because kids need them, otherwise they wouldn't make them, you give guns to kids to shoot themselves thats enough of the brashness you gave a girl gashes bro, bro-lover and dumb af too

this bitch is moving to kill, she got mo she got major ammo she got all tht ammo she got all the ammo all the ammo she got all the ammo so no one have none she will ammo she is ugly but it don't mean that she is someone who paints bruises she steals but it don't mean that she got a steel but it don't even mean that it means she steals painted bruise pictures for to frame black niggas chris brown ain't do shit stop or stoppard that kinda quick shit how these abusers make riri cry after a bitch abuses like her white daddy who she breastfed from still, it's emblematic it's the same shit