A friend is not a friend is he makes you sign a NDA

wtf? does everyone know what that entails? neither me. please read the fine print, young ladies, and let's go play hard as u can

That is something I don't even make my enemies sign.

Like here: I'm the Devil, and don't want you to reveal my trickery, so I'll force it

No forced shit



important to know that subjugating freedom is a means of forced control

where is the trust? is this commonplace

if she trusts you, she wouldn't not trust you. she is not your friend it follows logically

[completeness and trust, and the praise of innocence. no bullying of any sort is allowed. thanks]

If it was E-40 who violently crashed her motivational speech at the MTV Awards, would the controller still talk her dialect of hatred a decade and a half later?

“Willow” is a song Written By Taylor Swift.

Recently, Vanessa Carlton released “Willows.”

Carlton goes through a lot of emotions; it’s sort of her thing.

“Lavender Haze” is Taylor’s thing.

Starbucks has a “lavender” drink for the mother and her children. 

“Lavender” is a thematic device in “I Don’t Want To Be A Bride.”

“For all you brokenhearted lovers, lost. Go find another one. Because you know time won't wait, and you'll be late.”

If someone calls, remember they're never available; assuage the barks. o

um, ur kinda funky and stuff