You're scary-soft Machine Gun Kelly, Scott Swift-Duke of York? What do you say, lol

Jack Antonoff, Sir Jack Antonoff, pedophile Matty Healy Knighted (it doesn't mean that knighting, ever, scary

Who is the most saintly figure in world history, there was Isaac Newton, polymath, William James, leading psychiatrist, DOCTOR Kay Jamison, current philosophical genius, but most of all, it's the hardest work saints, pre-canonized, never-happened-before, shameful hurtful burner of souls, disgusting perverts, trying anything to stay alive, finding the person aforementioned, with known racist, disgusting you are Taylor Swift, White Nationalist Matty Healy, disgusting racism, targeted attacks of every imaginable kind, it's power through suffering for God; so rid the world of these things, so praise, in spite of spiritually uneducated, too destructive

taylor abuses victim(s) with an aggressive football player, football being a sport that rewards ultimate physical assault, causing brain damage to certain victims, knowingly, vulgar if I ever seen someone, misogynistic, racist-abuse allowed by both parties to an ex-partner, just watched, cheered, no internal investigations to reflect a sport that is destructive to women (any female refs, yet?)

if nothing is being done, then people need to start getting arrested (it's all gang activity, the others aren't gangs, just classified as such; the real gangs, like White Nationalists, Trump, Hunter Biden, Ku Klux Klan, these aren't classified as gangs becasue they're in power, like Kamala Harris, who refuses to classify Klan's designation)

As proof, Pingeulo sites an August 2006 e-mail from Scott Swift to Borchetta purporting to show how the two had agreed to fire Dymtrow: “Enough with the Dymtrow,” Swift allegedly wrote. “You asked me to break both his legs, wrap him in chains and throw him in the lake. I did.”

This is one death threat by Scott Swift, that Taylor actualizes, so violence? Threats are legal, obviously, the ones that are actually threatening