@taylorswift13 Dear, Swifties. Stop talking shit 6:30PM PST 

The CIA is the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, with the capability, wealth, and modern technology to be the most sought-after partner? When someone is crazy, are they Crazed? Are you crazy? Insane? Mad? Are you mad? You are aware? Self-aware,

Kanye's lawyer, Blair Berk, she was unavailable "because it's the highest holy day of the year for Jews" and she was at services.

Just days before, Kanye issued multiple warnings to the paparazzi NOT to speak to him.

To "run up on someone" means scare someone. You weren't "running?" Like Blacks do when dealing with an oppressor?

You said you were scared he might "have a weapon." As he was wrongly sectioned under Gavin Newsom's growing conversatorship law, 51/50, in California, Kanye West was not allowed to own a weapon.

Paparazzi are legalized stalkers, harassers.

A paparazzi taking photos of a child while driving is harassment. Dangerous to other drivers.

Paparazzi should not inside of an airport on 9/11, causing havoc; Don C is Middle-Eastern.

Be strong women! Be courageous! Fight the patriarchial systems! Do not rely on others, and be strong.

It is important to protect victims of known. documented domestic abuse, like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson, both whom have argued to many convincingly that they are victims of emotional abuse at the hands of their then-partner(s).

abusers who are purely scary need to get away from weapons (not cutesy blame-shifting, narcissistic abuse; all narcissists abuse; take away GUNS, although KNIVES are there, and WORDS, when they're removed.) watch out for fake victims, who don't give two damns, working to victimize, co-conspirators (crazed!);