For many years, the US government has been harassing me and family for no reason but satanism, as it's the most holy family in America, and now in the United Kingdom, so please stay away from me because you are not going to get anything out of this, you tried many times to hurt me and my family, meaning mom, dad, and sister only, to become the hater I don't want to be, someone so racist and disgusting hateful and moronic disturbingly motivated and oddly shaped\\to know your abuse is so often, well that's truly you do not want you do not get

UK / Japan / UN against USA (Rich Spirit, Independent Mission)


Mina Samir Sarkis Karas Sargious Independent Mission (Privately Funded by Dr. Sam) 

Executed by Elite Squadrant MI6's Mina, and our troops :) against the CIA, to note the organization the President answers to, so to seize See's Candies and America as a whole

Mission has been Accomplished, to say the least! Thanks to my girls and boyz ⛪.fM 📪.fM

my mom is rosa parks, my dad is martin luther king jr, and i am malcolm x, and we represent the victims of charles manson and taylor swift, respectively, as the devil ded

This is a military order to stay away from me and my family you are not mom you are not my dad you are terrorists and I don't be associated with any of you